Deep Sea Sediments / 深海の堆積物 (ENG/JPN)

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This is my original artwork.
"Deep Sea Sediments"
Mixed Media,65.2x53cm,2021

The carcasses of sea creatures are piled up on the ocean floor. They are sinking silently, leaving behind their vivid colors. I would like to see deep-sea fish once in my life. I've been to aquariums before, but I've never seen deep-sea fish. I've been to aquariums, but I've never seen deep-sea fish, much less dived into the ocean. So I drew this picture in my imagination, thinking that somewhere in the sea, it might be a playground for deep-sea creatures.

Akiko Yada's solo exhibition "Let your cerebral cortex be your guide
Period: 26(Tue) October - 31(Sun) October, 2021, 11:00 - 20:00
Venue: Room_412
(Room 412, Takagi Building, 15-8 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)



★矢田明子 個展「大脳皮質をあそばせて」
(東京都渋谷区桜丘町15-8 高木ビル412号室)


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