Wild Life / 野性的生活 (ENG/JPN)

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This is my original artwork.
"Wild Life"
Mixed Media,38x45.5cm,2022

How many people forage for wild leaves and berries, hunt, or live a subsistence lifestyle? Wild animals catch their own prey, don't they? I used to long to be self-sufficient myself, but I don't have the physical strength to do so (it's declining), and now I think it would be outrageous to give that up, having become so accustomed to the conveniences of human life. I want to live only by doing what I can do. I do sometimes pick wild plants and eat them, though, and they are delicious.

Akiko Yada Solo Exhibition "Next Phase 2"
Friday, May 13 - Wednesday, May 18, 2022, 10 - 18 p.m.
Gallery Q (1-8-8-8 Chuo, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, JAPAN)



矢田明子個展"Next Phase 2"


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There aren’t many wild plants to eat in Tokyo. I can pick a wild pigeon maybe

It seems there are a lot of wildflowers in Tokyo that you can eat. Please refer to this blog.