Curie Author Showcase (July 4, 2023)

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Hi, everyone! Sorry we took a break from posting the author showcase, now we'll try to stick to the regular schedule.

In the spirit of Curie's mission to promote undiscovered and exceptional content, we wish to use this ongoing section to provide an author showcase for some of the outstanding authors who received Curie upvotes in the past week. Selected posts are nominated by curators for inclusion in this showcase.

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Featured Author: @oceanbee
France Trip 2023 | Bordeaux

Working for an international company can occasionally have its perks. This year I got lucky. I got invited to the European company meeting which was held in Bordeaux France. Always one to grab an opportunity when I see it hubby tagged along and we added almost a week of vacation on to the trip and spent the first four days in Bordeaux.

We left Monday evening from Newark airport, the dreaded overnight flight which got delayed by 1.5 hours because somebody checked in with their luggage but then didn't show up.

Featured Author: @corvidae
Trust and Lonely, Ebb and Flow

The feelings. Trapped inside a glass jar like too many bees. They want out. They need out! Outside is right there. They can see it. But they can't get to it.

Hunger. Sorrow. Despair, Grief. The more I heal, the more I regret all of those years of giving myself to men. Just giving myself to them. Sexually. Emotionally. An endless effluence of time and energy dedicated to what I told myself were deep connections, or, at the very least, fun and full of female liberation.

Featured Author: @orestistrips
The HIVE Tour - Episode 30c - The palace of palaces: Eremitage @ Bayreuth

So far I have showed you around the Old and New Palace of the Eremitage here East of Bayreuth in Germany. I've shared the stunning beauty of both so now it's time for a little mysticism. North of the New Palace a few steps down is the "Dragon's hole":

At least that's what I can understand by "Drachenhöhle" while I am not a German speaker. I smell some Japanese influences here.

Featured Author: @killerwot
The Hateful Eight: My Favourite Suspense Film

The CineTV Community released This Prompt a few days ago, asking us to talk about favourite suspense film. I have been mulling this over since reading the prompt initially, and for the most part, I was stumped.

The first film that came to mind was Shutter Island, which I saw in the cinema back when it released, but I kind of can't remember a hell of a lot about the film, so would rather not discuss it in depth. Second, I thought of Inception, which I watched a few months after it came out, I liked it, but again, I couldn't really remember much about it off the top of my head, other than it being about dreams within dreams. It's a tough choice in fairness, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Featured Author: @dannewton
Holiday 2023 - Part 6 - Some surprises at Kirroughtree

Holiday 2023 - Dalbeattie, near Dumfries, Scotland

Each year we choose a different place in the UK to stay while on vacation. In the past we have visited various places such as the Lake District, the Peaks, New Forest, Norfolk Broads, Isle of Mull, South Wales etc. We even visited the Scottish Highlands and the Cairngorms last year, and enjoyed it so much that this year we chose to return to Scotland, this time to the Lowlands, in Dumfries and Galloway.

Posts for this author showcase were selected by Curie curator @alcibiades. All images and quoted texts are the copyright of their respective authors.


Really nice to make me part of this. Thank you!

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