Curie Author Showcase (November 23, 2023)

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In the spirit of Curie's mission to promote undiscovered and exceptional content, we wish to use this ongoing section to provide an author showcase for some of the outstanding authors who received Curie upvotes in the past week. Selected posts are nominated by curators for inclusion in this showcase.

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Featured Author: @knthalo
First Blog in 3 Years: The Bits and Pieces of How My Life Went

*Hello, Hivers! How's it been? That was one hell of a three-year break for me! God! I forgot about Hive for long. Three years of not writing my soul out —as if I ever did— on a blog. I noticed that communities kept on while I was away busying myself with adulting. I'm also seeing familiar users that are still active and also new users that's been joining recently. It's great to see a community still so engaging, something alive to get back to. I think I'll slowly be returning back to sharing my thoughts here, I hope. Create content that I can later look back to like a journal, a diary, or whatever. A keep-safe. Hopefully I'm still welcome here. *

Featured Author: @calendulacraft
Sending My Words into the World ~ a guide to self publishing zines

Publishing of books and magazines is usually out of reach for us normal folks and require publishing houses and often cooperate sponsorships. Zines - unlike magazines and books - can be made by anyone with a message, a bit of artistic vision and access to a printer. Zines also have the benefit of being as short or as long as the creator wishes and can cover any subject matter and be of any style, much unlike traditional publishing.

When I first began my zine making in college (~2012) I used collaged images and newspaper clippings which I cut & pasted them together, later copying the pages one by one at the public library. Since then I have improved my process though kept the collage elements. Now all the images and words are my own and I've even acquired a printer!

Featured Author: @prydefoltz
Low-Carb Festive and Experimental Baking, Pumpkin Sponge Cake, Food and Lifestyle Blog, New Digital Art and Photography

Just after last Christmas, I purchased some festive pans at a reduced rate. Yay ... a sale. Christmas in July, but January, a little too clingy, and so I put the beauties (there were two) into a box with some imprisoned elves, and began to dream of the turn of the season and spring blooms.

I thickened a turkey pumpkin stew a couple days ago with egg yolks, and so I had the whites and half a baked Japanese pumpkin left open. Japanese pumpkin, for the know of those of you counting carbs, is much lower it sugar than orange pumpkin. You still get a lot of orange colour in the flesh, and if you ask me a better flavour ... sweeter, despite less sugar, and milder, less of that dirty earth flavour ... never really liked the flavour of orange pumpkins. The Japanese pumpkin also has hints of caramel and toffee when bruléed. An all around better squash.

Featured Author: @eddwood
Blankenberge Blumencarnival

We were at the Belgian North Sea at the end of August. You could tell that the season was slowly coming to an end. The beaches weren't exactly full and cooling off in the water wasn't absolutely necessary.
Even if you were wearing shorts, it was a bit cooler in the evening.

As luck would have it, the flower parade in Blankenberge was just around the corner that weekend. I didn't know about it, but somehow everyone was talking about it.

Featured Author: @naitreart
A twisted love story - Review: Fresh | 2022 | [Eng/Esp]

This movie released on January 20, 2022 is an American production that mixes the genre of comedy and suspense (although I honestly consider that the comedy section is very scarce, so I wouldn't know if I would consider it as such in that aspect) with a very unexpected story if you don't have knowledge about it, here we will follow the story of Noa, a girl who is tired of dating apps as they have never worked for her, but while Noa was shopping at the supermarket she meets a man named Steve with whom she exchanges numbers and with whom she feels she has good chemistry, but Steve hides something that Noa is not prepared for.

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