1.d4 Opening Repertoire Mnemonic Memory System Challenge part 2: QGD and QGA


Here are the second 10 variations (11-20) of my 1.d4 opening repertoire memory system...

They are in the Queen's Gambit Declined and the Queen's Gambit Accepted. They include these variations of the QGD:

The Hennig-Schara Gambit
The Austrian Defence
Ragozin/Nimzo Indian
Alapin Variation

This is really a test to see if I can recreate the moves of the 11th-20th variations of my system.

There are another 164 variations in the memory system, which I will go over in future videos.

For more info see this post on my chess blog:



David Hurley



Sorry, had no time to go through all, but what´s the point of remembering all those variations, if you are not considering the evaluations, the pros/cons or the reason of why preferring one over another variant. I often saw some of those in real games and was not aware that they have even names.
Or is it just a memory exercise?