The New Right

in Liberty2 months ago (edited)

What's up Liberty Community?! I still owe you part 2 of the sidewalk snow shovel dilemma and that's coming this week. It's been a busy week to say the least between work and family but add the wrinkle that the Blue Star Union book club met last night and I hadn't read the book yet, safe to say I was swamped.

I wanted to talk today about how amazing it is to be part of the crew. For the second time in a row we had a genuinely phenomenal time laughing, trolling, pontificating and analyzing a wonderful piece of literature.

To say that this crew, comprised of folks who met solely on twitter during the lockdown, has chemistry is an understatement. The agility with which our conversation dances is so natural you would never believe that its only the second time we've all been in the same room, never mind only the second episode we've produced.

However this is less about us and more about this amazing piece of work by Michael Malice. The same Malice that graciously retweet us about 5-10 minutes into the livestream. I cannot express how much energy that gave us and the excitement it provided. I'm sure there was plenty for Michael to troll us over but I also know there are moments that made him feel even better than he already does about his work, not that the man needs any help knowing his greatness, HA!

That's enough from me though. I cannot write enough to do justice to the work we put in last night. Give it a watch or listen, forgive the initial mic issue and enjoy! Don't forget to go buy Michael's book, The New Right. You WILL NOT regret it!