Wow! This is weird and cool! (Can I use the word kawaii in this context or is that only for people?)

Hmmm, I pick the letter H.


I used to be addicted to soap
but now I'm clean.

Credit: lofone
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I don't know that I would use kawaii for a lottery, but I suppose you could. Anything you think is cute, people or things.

You're in!

Oh! I meant kakkoii!
But I'm glad I can call anything cute 😊😁


It's so much fun to play Amidakuji! Did you make the spin image? It was exciting to watch. I think I'll choose "K" this time because of my initial.

I was going to pick H for Halloween, but consciouscat grabbed it first, so I’ll go with M instead. No reason, just that good old instinctual gut feeling.

Sounds like a winner!

I have to go with "J" for unspecified reasons.


Ahhh, yesterday I was looking at my hsbi history and saw the 8 you sponsored, didn't understood where they came from...
Now it all becomes clear, tyvm! :D

Will go for the 'B' this time :D


Since it starts one of my names, I'll go with L this time. :D Thank you for continuing the fun!


You must be killin' it out here!
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I'd like to join with "M" for Mizuo then 😆 当たりますよーに🎵 !LOL

What did the full glass say to the empty glass?
You look drunk!

Credit: hollowknightgod
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