After abdominal pain/腹痛のその後

in Hive JA4 months ago (edited)

This photo shows the view from the balcony, which is covered with a thick layer of snow.

It has been 22 days since I had a mysterious dull pain in my abdomen on January 3. The pain has temporarily intensified and ebbed, and come to waves. My abdomen is still somewhat unstable, but my stools are now of normal consistency (sorry for the dirty talk), so I guess I am getting better. I had soft stools for a while. Well, I can guess the cause myself for this to happen. I have been given three different kinds of sleeping pills by a psychiatrist, and my bedtime tends to be earlier: I go to bed at 8 pm, wake up at 1 or 2 am and eat as it is, and my meal times are way off. Even though my stomach is weak enough to have suffered from gastritis in the past, I ate spicy french fries I bought at the co-op two days in a row before my stomach started hurting. This would make my stomach scream.

Both my elderly family physician that I saw on the 6th and the doctor of the gastroenterology clinic that I saw on the 15th palpated my abdomen and there was no pain, so it is probably not a serious illness, no, I hope it is.

I can't afford to think about others when my condition is not good. My stomach is still unstable, I hope it will heal.