One of my friends will participate in the Japan Independent Exhibition/友人も日本アンデパンダン展に参加

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This year, one of my friends from junior high school will be exhibiting for the first time at the Japan Independent Exhibition. Her work is a goose egg. Since it is a three-dimensional work, she had to submit a proposal, which she has already written and submitted. She will also exhibit for the first time at the Miyagi Peace Art Exhibition. She will submit a painting for this. She calls it an "amateur's game," but her art teacher praised her work, so she was motivated to submit it. Both are exhibitions that anyone can participate in if they pay the exhibition fee and there is no screening required.

Actually, her father died of colorectal cancer, and she is also prone to polyps and had a colonoscopy every year. Last year, for the first time, a malignant thing was found in the epithelium of the polyp, and although it did not require treatment, it was covered by her cancer insurance. She said she would live the rest of her life happily without regrets. So she decided to exhibit her works at the Japan Independent Exhibition and the Miyagi Peace Art Exhibition. She is also planning to attend the party for the Japan Independent.

As a member of the Japan Art Association, I am happy to contribute to increasing participation.

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