QuenaSabor - Name That Tune Contest #22

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I met @albuslucimus a while back on QuenaSabor Reddit, I got his interested after explaining what Hive is. Since, he has been very active on the blockchain and has started the Name That Tune monthly contest on his blog.

This month, I'm very excited to be the guest author for the Name That Tune Contest #22. I've chosen a song that should not be very difficult. Hint: it's usually played on the pan flute.

How to enter the contest:

  1. Guess the name of the song
  2. Enter it as a comment in the post
  3. Contests ends on July 31st 2023 UTC
  4. If multiple correct answers, I will randomly pick

Contest Price
The winner will receive the author rewards of this post.

Have fun!

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Wow! You played it effortlessly!😊 But the song seemed unfamiliar to me. But I think I've heard it in movies. I am not sure though.😊

But yeah, you played the song so well.

This is a lovely tune, you played it so well but I'd say playing it with a pan flute seems really harder but I also think playing it with the recorder was so cool, hehe.

I will say Zamfir did an amazing job with the tune and the lonely shepherd was awesome for a name ❤️.

Thanks for playing, if not already done, please re-blog to increase visibility of the contest.

You're welcome, I played more than once actually, hehe. By the way I already reblogged also 🥰.

Very well played, it is of course the awesome The Lonely Shepherd song that I remember from the Kill Bill film :)

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Thank you @quochuy, this is my favorite of all the Name That Tune episodes so far, I really love the way you play the quena and preserve its character in the melody.
A++ my friend!

Nicely done, sir!!! There was a moment where I thought I recognized the melody, but so far I have not been able to identify it with confidence so I just wanted to at least comment to give my compliments and gratitude to the artist!

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Lots of gigglebytes!

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But I've lived here for last 216 years, and haven't heard anything unusual.

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Your flute is catchy and energetic ❤😊So wild and natural.

Wow. It's a good feeling to listen such a soothing music.

Thanks :-)