Iruka Sensie: Anime Fanart

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Hey guys! 👋
I hope you're enjoying good health! ☺️
Well I'm bearing flew for over 2 weeks🤧 and it's not getting any better 😷.
But it cannot stop me from making artworks 🙃. Though it was difficult to focus and took too many days to finish, yet I made it to the end🍂.

Well, it's my first time that I am posting in The Anime Realm. I am nervous and anxious at the same time.
So let's divert our words for Iruka.
The other I was discussing some cartoons that I used to watch back in my childhood. It was kind of nostalgic discussion and in that came across to know the anime Naruto. I had never watched anime before, out f curiosity I watched it's first 2 episodes. And instantly I had a favourite among the characters.
Yes it was Iruka sensie!
In a most obvious sense he was a father figure for Naruto, and tried at every point not feel him like he did in his own childhood. But if we see, Iruka is a person who clears off all grudges against Naruto. He works on Naruto's potential, he's the only one who truly believes in him and protects him no matter what.
So I decided to draw Iruka Sensie.

Materials in Use

  • Water colors 🎨 by Mont Marte
  • Different Brushes 🖌️
  • Pointers 🖊️
  • Sketchbook 📒 (200 gsm by Giorgione)
  • Masking Tape
  • Water 🌊

The Process

Honestly speaking I can't explain in words what I went through while making it.

I tried to be a little professional 🤭, and first divided the figure into simplest shapes. It was looking so weird 😂.

Made the details into the sketch.
It almost took 2 hours to just sketch.

Then I outlined it. I was very nervous at his face so I just left his face un-outlined.

And here she was,my niece, wanting me to work while holding her in my lap.

As I mentioned my nervousness, I took start from the bottom. It was the second day, when me with all confidence, was thinking of completing it in that day.
But I could only paint his legs.
I was being constantly checked by my anxiety. I was very peculiar about the colour I was using and focused keenly in every crease of his clothing.

Though it was looked fine at the end. And I left it with positive attitude.
After that I worked on the jacket he was wearing. It was not a difficult task. Just using different shades of gray.

Then I worked on upper blue part that were his arms mostly. It also went through swiftly.
Though I got tired and left the remaining work for the next day.

Then added details over his weapon.

Here my anxiety was reaching it heights.

And at one point I had almost ruined it by using wrong colour for the skin.
But then I tried to control my nerves, and struggled not to get panicked. One thing that makes watercolors favourite of mine, is that if we make a mistake we can simply use a wet brush to reactivate the paint even over the dried page and take it off. And this was exactly what I did.

And look what I did again with his hair🤦( i don't know who says art is a therapy 😅, a stream of different anxieties follow, the moment you start thinking to draw something).

Then I worked on background and the lettering on the side.

And guys it finally completed.
So how is it?
To me it's just the correction of a pile of mistakes 🙃

AHm! I think today I wrote a lot🥲
And honestly I still have so much to tell about the process, literally can talk about each and every brush stroke, but will not just consume that much of your time 🤗
(And I also forgot to tape out the work from board, it's still lying with work on🤧)
Okay, that was all!
Take care 💓
See ya tomorrow 🌷
Bye bye 👋

Sort: act so cute..!!

Yes indeed🦋🌷

Amazing! You know how to Color beautifully. I love the drawing it looks like you can also make a manga with this type of art. We all make mistakes it doesn’t matter it’s looking great in the end.


Thank you so much!🌷
It means a lot 💓🦋 act so cute..!!

I can't put into words how beautifully it is made. You have made it in such a way that it looks like it is a real. It is really beautiful. 💞 I deeply appreciate it and appreciate your art. You are a really good artist. 🌺 You may go further in the future. I wish you all the best🦋💫

Thank you so much Abdullah 😊
You're words mean a lot to me 💖

Final look is just art based, you did it too perfectly , each and everything is just mind blowing 🍃

Thank you so much 😊🦋

Hahaha, at the end it is looking perfect. Journey to perfect follows many failed and strange attempts. That hair colour which you mistakenly choose is also good 😂.

Hahaha it was looking as if iruka dyed his hair with mhndi😆


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Wow it looks so real you had put a lot of effort.

Thank you😊🦋

This is remarkable as usual. By the way, your niece is so cute.
You did a great work.
Keep it up friend!🥂

Thank you 🥰 your words always boost my motivation 🌷💕

hermoso! excelente de verdad!

Muchas gracias💕🌼

This is so amazing! I also love the video showing every step

Thank you so much 💓🌷

I love Iruka-sensei as much as I love your fan art!!!
I mostly mix paints when I'm painting (I only have the 3 primary colors, black and white), so I always get a hard time when it comes to skin color. T_T It's still fun, though... I also started doing the inking after coloring because my hand is getting shaky when I'm anxious. hahah

Oh using only primary colours is takes a lot of efforts. This anxiety is the enemy of our art😅

It does, but it's fun mixing paint... and it costs less. haha
That's true!!! Good thing about painting is that you can cover stuff or adjust with water, but it's difficult when I use some markers. T_T

Wow, your drawing is amazing, I'm shocked!

Thank you so much 😊🌷

Bro, this is PERFECTION!!!! I must say!

Thank you Arshia 💓