Yoshihiro Togashi: Yu Yu Hakusho on Netflix and HxH Ending Revealed


If you like Anime or Manga and not living under a rock then you must already know who Yoshihiro Togashi is. In case you don't know and not have guessed through the title, Togashi is well known Japanese manga artist. His most well known manga are Level E, Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter. Just a fun fact, his wife is the creator of the legendary Sailor Moon!

Now, i believe that Togashi became well-known worldwide with Yu Yu Hakusho which is a Shonen Manga of 175 chapters. The manga was serialized between 1990 to 1994 and it's about a delinquent who died in a car accident while trying to save a young boy. The son of the underworld's King tells Yusuke that nobody expected his death and thus there is no position for him in Paradise or Hell. They make a deal to pass some tests and return to his body.

Ofc the turn of events makes everything a bit more difficult and complicated and many different stories unfold between different realms and you can expect a lot of fighting as well. This isn't a review of the anime though thus i will it to myself for another time. Now after Yu Yu Hakusho another manga and anime came out which is called Hunter X Hunter.

It aired from 1999 to 2001 with 62 episodes and again aired from October 2011 to September 2014 and is still considered one of the best manga/anime and adaptations of all time. If you ask me it's my favorite anime ever but again this is a story for another anime. Let's focus on the titles for now.

In my opinion, in terms of movies, anime and shows we live in a great era. Even though, these past years we see a lot of bad movies and series coming out the anime industry has never let us down. Instead, more and more people started watching anime and even the movie/series industry has realized it.

That ofc means that we get to see a lot of our favorite manga becoming anime or even live-action. The most notable example is One-Piece which in my opinion is one of the best live-actions that we had the opportunity to see. Now the next one is Yu Yu Hakusho by Netflix again and will be aired in less than a month on December 14/11/2023. Below you can see the trailer as well

Even though i am not a big fan of live actions i am quite curious to see how they will manage to do the whole demon stuff as well as how they will highlight the powers. Judging from the trailer, ofc some actors don't resemble the manga/anime characters but i saw some awesome aesthetics and sceneries so i will definitely give it a chance. Also, it's a great opportunity for Togashi to see that there is some fanbase out there waiting for him to CONTINUE HUNTER X HUNTER!

Now let's talk bout the ending of Hunter X Hunter. Both the manga and the anime are amazing and i don't think there is someone that can say the opposite. The problem with Togashi and Hunter though, is the continued Hiatus. A lot have criticized him as instead of having health issues many believe that he is simply bored.

Anyway, he had an interview today on TV's Asahi's Iwakura and Yoshizumi Show where he actually revealed an ending in case he dies before completing his masterpiece. In fact he has 4 different endings but only the last one revealed which is as mentioned in case something's bad happens to him. Below you can see exactly what he said:


Basically, if you read it, it's like a happy ending which mostly nobody will like as we expect more but at the same time it's like an okish ending. The good thing that came out of the Netflix live-action is that possibly Togashi will be more serious about focusing on HxH!

What are your thoughts?


I don't set immediate expectations that the live-action will be bad from a trailer or past experiences. These productions are run by different people and different creative freedoms that it's unfair for future attempts at adaptation to get bombed before they even get a chance. I have seen One Piece live action but never even started the anime or manga, since I have no baseline of expectations, I just claimed it was good.

Maybe the source material is better but it just shows whatever preconceived notions we got on our heads can distort our current experience which may have been a different story if we just held back on our judgement early. Looking forward to the live action~

Long time no see, how you've been?

Honestly, regarding live-actions the vast majority are rubbish, Kenshin was the exception for me. One piece in general was good, the CGI, some fight scenes, acting, and sceneries but ofc the story has been altered a bit, some characters went a bit woke :P, changing the gender and stuff but overall it was quite a decent attempt. i can't imagine if Oda wasn't around what the outcome would be

Been good, busy as usual but activity is picking up on Hive. I'll hold preconceived biases before watching the actual show. I'm sure production staff tried their best to meet expectations but some adaptations are just tall orders given how much flashy the source material tends to be. Some parts of the core substances get lost in translation like how we can't enjoy the same story when it's converted to manga from light novel or to anime.

Yu Yu Hakusho live action looks promising, I hope it does not disappoint.
HxH is also one of my favorites anime/manga, so I really hope he will be able to finish it.

in around 2 weeks we will see the results!

I don't want to read the ending like that. I hope finds an assistant to help them and finish their work appropriately and as it deserves. Of course, if he doesn't, and there's no other option, I'll read it that way. 😅

As for the live-action, I'm going in with zero expectations. I didn't like the trailer at all, but we'll see.

Cheers ✌️

i always watch live-actions with zero expectations, and most of the times 0 is the end result :P

Ending A, B, C or D, as long as he finishes the manga, then all good 😅
I'm looking forward to Yu Yu Hakusho's live action. It seems interesting.

haha we all hope to finish the manga somehow :p