Talented Fandom「原神新春会 Genshin New Year's Celebration」

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Originally streamed on Bilibili. Please support them if you liked what you saw!

I'm not really sure game-related anime content belongs here but it is an anime-inspired game and the fanworks are definitely worth showcasing to fans of anime.

Anyway miHoYo runs events called HoyoFair a few times each year. Each time there's going to be something that blows people's minds and this last HoyoFair was no different. This one was streamed in celebration of Chinese New Year.

Some of my personal favorites are Oгонь炉火 at 54:26, Eternity at 49:45 which has excellent 3D animation and 问神 at 1:06:46 which I would totally believe was an official anime opening. These fans went above and beyond!

I've added chapters to the youtube video I embedded so you should be able to jump back to anything you like. Enjoy and if you have any please share what your favorites are!


It's fine, it's anime inspired aesthetics and something fresh outside anime reviews on the page. I see you've chosen a niche topic which makes it difficult to find some visibility on the platform.

Yes I just thought it might be nice to introduce amateur fan-created animations seeing how talented it can get. Some of these works I wouldn't mind seeing as full series.

The first one reminds me of Bomberman (^_^)

Haha yeah I think the first few are based on old video games. The second one is based on Tetris Versus games like Pokemon Puzzle League and I think the third one is just a generic platformer but it does remind me of cartoon-based ones like Bugs Bunny Double Trouble.