[ENG/ESP] Me volvi a ver Inuyasha y este es mi analisis de la serie

I rewatched Inuyasha and this is my analysis of the series.

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Hello anime lovers in Hive, to be honest to watch complete series and without advertising, I'm watching anime by telegram...and I know that many retro series are no longer seen online and it is the only way to appreciate them from the cell phone or pc without so much hassle.
Just search in telegram the name of the series and the language, in this case Inuyasha is Latin Spanish.

I add this series I saw it once a long time ago, which I dare to say that it is quite entertaining, but seeing it with eyes with more experience, and in marathon mode, the truth is that you have to think things from the point of script and lower the series a little pedestal where we had it as a masterpiece and memories of our childhood.

The given point of the series is and for those who have not seen it, is that a girl of the present called Aome, is transported by a monster from a well that was in her Japanese temple to a feudal era of Japan 500 years ago, she turns out to be the reincarnation of a priestess and guardian of a mysterious pearl that (attracts monsters because it increases their powers if they get this pearl).


It must be said that for reasons of risk The hundred-foot woman creature wants to kill Aome and she has no better choice than to release a demon that was sealed in a tree with an arrow, which is the white-haired boy with dog ears, named Inuyasha.

Moving past this intro, the point is that Aome has the pearl of Chikon (the plot object that is every monster's desire to obtain), and I add that even Inuyasha himself desires the pearl so he can increase his power (and become a full demon, as he is a hybrid being, son of a human with a demon).

I add that at the beginning some monsters get the pearl and Inuyasha defeats them with his sharp claws recovering the object. Which later becomes a problem of logic, because if Inuyasha was able to defeat creatures that had the whole pearl, the series loses decline when for reasons of fate "the pearl explodes and splits into small shards of glass" to be dispatched as dragon spheres everywhere.


And yes, the plot lies in that as Aome who can see the pearl fragments with her eyes because she is a priestess, and Inuyasha who is the muscle power to defeat the monsters, team up to try to retrieve the tiny pearl crystals by defeating random enemies who have the Chikon fragment embedded in each of their bodies.

From the point of view of my reasoning I can't understand how a tiny fragment can increase the power of a monster, to the point of (whoever has the largest number of fragments in his body, is a super powerful enemy to be feared), that is, the logic would indicate that if the hero could defeat the enemies with the complete pearl at the beginning of the series, it is illogical that fragments of this jewel, give a higher level of power much greater than the complete pearl.


It should be said that there are more characters, among them Inuyasha's brother named Sesshomaru, this demon hates Inuyasha and wants at all costs a special sword that is a weapon of his late father, "the wolf demon general", called (the steel fang sword). the point given is that this sword was sealed in the tomb where the remains of the father are (which is a colossal being in the form of a skeleton like a giant Monkey from dragon Ball).but the sword cannot be taken by Sesshomaru as it can only (be used to defend humans in danger), obviously as Sesshomaru despises humanity seeing them as trash, the sword rejects him.


From here on we see several attempts to seize the sword by dirty means, but nothing works and the hero continues to level up the weapon, unlocking more secret attack moves.


A critical point of the series is the main villain called Naraku, "this being was born from a dying human full of burns, who sold his soul for thousands of demons to consume him as food and merge with them".

Naraku is a somewhat strange being to understand, he creates plots for humans to hate each other and fight to the death in order to obscure the fragments of the pearl (i.e. the object of the plot), but many times throughout the series this villain spares Inuyasha's life when he could literally annihilate him.


I also add that Sesshomaru spares Inuyasha's life in mortal combats, so it is partly felt (more the manga author's eagerness to extend the series, than to put logic to the matter).

The point given is that in the course of the series Inuyasha is forced to create new techniques to confront Naraku, and this in turn (by the power of the script) invents new ways to neutralize Inuyasha's attacks.

If Inuyasha creates the cutting wind technique, Naraku creates a servant with a mirror to reverse any power released, If Inuyasha creates an even greater technique, Naraku creates an energy barrier to nullify the attack, If Inuyasha improves the weapon and breaks with this energy barriers, Naraku flees and creates new bodies, armor and ruses to not die.


And yes, I am talking about the Voldemort effect, hiding his weak point, his own heart in another part, so that he cannot die even if his body is disintegrated in battle.

Other negative points are that Aome at the beginning of the series has too much power and without having trained, to the point that she almost killed Naraku with a light arrow attack, and only leave his head and destroy the villain's body.



The Monk Miroku is another character somewhat strange to understand, he has a technique that is to release a black hole from his hand and with this he absorbs thousands of demons in a second, but its origin is something silly, since according to the series (An ancestor of Mikoku touched Naraku's ass when he had a female body decades ago, and this cursed him with a hole in his hand to kill him one day at random).

You may wonder what's wrong with this, I mean literally Naraku is afraid of his own curse that he gave to a random person, (which is to be absorbed by the black hole in a battle), but if you analyze, the curse was so trivial that Naraku can remove it or better yet, give that ability to an army of monsters on his side, each of them with a black hole in his hand to annihilate Inuyasha and company as a firing squad with this technique.


I suppose that on entertainment levels the series fulfills its goal, although I dare say that there is a lot of filler chapter of helping villagers, that we see Shipo, the fox boy with a girl he likes, among an endless number of lower ranking creatures that are no problem for the hero...and that many times do not even possess a fragment of the pearl.



Unfortunately, the point of this anime is the recycle effect, that is to say, the villain will always flee for another season, create new lackeys and return to look for the fragments of the pearl, because they will always be scattered again after the final battle of each season, unnecessarily lengthening the series, to the point that the author of the manga, (she does it more to keep the salary and build with it a new apartment in her apartment, buy a Ferrari and pay for the college of her grandchildren, than to conclude the work).

That is what literally ruins the series.

I mean, we know that the aforementioned pearl is an item that increases powers to creatures, but for god's sake, we are in ancient japan, there are thousands of cursed items that can do the same and even better.
So focusing all the weight of the series on a villain as worn out and monotonous as Naraku and the pearl crystal shards, "it becomes something like a power ranger chapter", where you know what is going to happen just by looking at the previous chapter references.

In my concept they should have eliminated Naraku and the pearl in 2 seasons at the most and continue with another superior demon, that is to say another different villain and another magic item that they should seal or destroy so that nobody becomes a demon that destroys the world as a doomsday.

But unfortunately the series falls in that point where (the villain wanders a lot with his plans, leaves the hero alive many times when he should kill him and if Naraku suffers damage, he runs away and comes back to continue with the same thing for more and more seasons).

And yes, I know that the bad guy of the series being basically Immortal, because hiding his heart they can't kill him, he has the time of the universe to do what he likes, but it becomes monotonous to face him in more and more chapters.

I add, if Naraku knew that Inuyasha was sealed in that tree for 50 years, what prevented him from going to absorb the hero in that place on a free day?
If Naraku won more than once in battle against the protagonist, why doesn't he kill him or absorb him like Cell in Dragon Ball?

Maybe because this villain is hard to understand, the author contradicts herself a lot by putting together a script on the fly and not crystallizing the ideas of her own villain.

In itself the series is fun when you watch it with innocent eyes as a child, (or if you want to relive your memories of it by occasionally watching a random episode), but when you start watching it in marathon mode you start to question every chapter and every script flaw that will literally make you turn the table (with a reaction shot to see what the fuck is going on, and why the villain doesn't win if he can do it and that's it).

I'm not exaggerating, at one point in the plot Inuyasha was able to master the sword and defeat an immortal and indestructible dragon that (killed his father, who was a real demon). I would add that Inuyasha's father only sealed him with a heart wound by stabbing him with a claw in his giant wolf form...and yet he died and the dragon won.


And here Inushaya disintegrates it with his new sword attack technique, (I add even though the dragon had indestructible scales)...and in another episode the hero is in trouble against a human being that possesses a single chikon fragment in his stomach.

So you can't set the bar so high that you have surpassed your father and now kill immortal mythological creatures with a single attack, to fight a human or a garbage level demon and have the hero in trouble and at risk of death in the next episode.

Unfortunately, the author's eagerness to add filler episodes "after an epic fight destroys" the logic of the power obtained by the protagonist, so in general terms it is felt that the author (did not care about her own series, for her it was just another cow to milk and make profit by making more and more episodes). So after watching this series with a little more critical eyes, I have to say it in a serious way, "I took this Inuyasha series down from the pedestal where I had it, just for childhood memories".

And yes, I know very well that more than one will defend this series to the hilt because of the memory of having seen it, but when they sit down to watch it again they will see that it is not a lie what I argue, because it is a fact that you can check by watching the series again with your own eyes.

It must be said that the series is entertaining (even with filler episodes, but as I already explained the eagerness to lengthen the series and break the logic of the script) make it feel somewhat ugly to watch if you look at it on screen and analyze the plot.

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Hola amantes del anime en Hive, para ser honesto para ver series completas y sin propagandas de publicidad, estoy viendo anime por telegram...y se que muchas series retro ya no se ven online y pues es la única forma de apreciarlas desde el celular o el pc sin tanto lió.
Con solo buscar en telegram el nombre de la serie y el idioma, en este caso Inuyasha latino.

Añado de esta serie me la vi 1 vez hace mucho tiempo, cosa que me atrevo a decir que es bastante entretenida, pero al verlo con ojos con algo mas de experiencia, y en modo maratón, la verdad hay que opinar las cosas desde el punto de guion y bajar un poco la serie del pedestal donde la teniamos como obra maestra y recuerdos de nuestra infancia.

El punto dado de la serie es y para quien no la haya visto, es que una chica del presente llamada Aome, es transportada por un monstruo desde un pozo que estaba en su templo japones hacia una época feudal del Japón 500 años atrás, ella resulta ser la reencarnacion de una sacerdotisa y guardiana de una misteriosa perla que (atrae monstruos pues les incrementa poderes si obtienen esta perla).


Cabe decir que por razones de riesgo La criatura mujer cien pies desea matar a Aome y esta no tiene mejor remedio que liberar un demonio que estaba sellado en un árbol con una flecha, el cual es el chico de cabello blanco con orejas de perro, llamado Inuyasha.

Pasando este intro, la cuestión es que Aome tiene la perla de Chikon (el objeto de trama que es el deseo de todo monstruo por obtener), y añado que hasta el mismo Inuyasha desea la perla para poder incrementar su poder (y volverse un demonio completo, pues es un ser híbrido, hijo de una humana con un demonio).

Añado que al comienzo algunos monstruos obtiene la dichosa perla e Inuyasha los vence con sus afiladas garras recuperando el objeto. Lo cual mas adelante se vuelve un problema de lógica, pues si Inuyasha pudo con criaturas que tenían la perla completa, la serie pierde declive cuando por razones del destino "la perla explota y se divide en pequeñas esquirlas de cristal" expedientarse como esferas del dragón por todos lados.


Y si, la trama radica en que como Aome que puede ver los fragmentos de la perla con sus ojos por ser sacerdotisa, e Inuyasha que es la fuerza muscular para derrotar los monstruos, se unen para intentar recuperar los diminutos cristales de la perla venciendo a enemigos aleatorios que tienen incrustado el fragmento de Chikon en cada uno de sus cuerpos.

Desde el punto de vista en mi razonar no me cabe en la cabeza como un diminuto fragmento puede incrementar el poder de un monstruo, al punto tal de (quien tenga el mayor numero de fragmentos en su cuerpo, es un enemigo super poderos a temer), es decir, la lógica indicaría que si el héroe pudo vencer cagado de la risa a los enemigos con la perla completa al inicio de la serie, es ilógico que fragmentos de esta joya, den un nivel mayor al poder mucho mayor que la perla completa.


Cabe decir que Hay mas personajes, entre ellos el hermano de Inuyasha de nombre Sesshomaru, este demonio odia a Inuyasha y quiere a toda costa una espada especial que es un arma de su difunto padre, "el general lobo demonio", llamada (la espada colmillo de acero). el punto dado es que esta espada estaba sellada en la tumba donde están los restos del padre (que es un ser colosal en forma de esqueleto como un Mono gigante de dragón Ball).Pero la espada no puede ser tomada por Sesshomaru pues solo (puede ser usada para defender a los humanos en peligro), obviamente como Sesshomaru desprecia a la humanidad al verlos como basura, la espada lo rechaza.


De aquí en adelante se ven varios intentos de apoderarse de dicha espada con medios sucios, pero nada funciona y el héroe sigue subiendole nivel al arma desbloqueandole mas movimientos secretos de ataque.


Un punto critico de la serie es el villano principal llamado Naraku, "este ser nació de un humano moribundo lleno de quemaduras, que vendió su alma para que miles de demonios lo consumieran como alimento y fusionarse con ellos".

Naraku es un ser algo raro de entender, crea complots para que los humanos se odien entre si y enfrenten a muerte para así oscurecer los fragmentos de la perla (osea el objeto del guion de la trama), pero muchas veces a lo largo de la serie este villano le perdona la vida a Inuyasha cuando literalmente podía aniquilarlo.


Añado que también Sesshomaru le perdona la vida en combates mortales a Inuyasha, asi que en parte se siente (mas el afán de la autora del manga por alargar la serie, que de meterle lógica al asunto).

El punto dado es que en el transcurso de la serie Inuyasha es forzado a crear nuevas técnicas para enfrentarse a Naraku, y este a su vez (por el poder del guion) se inventa nuevas formas de neutralizar los ataques de Inuyasha.

Si Inuyasha crea la tecnica viento cortante, Naraku crea un sirviente con un espejo para revertir cualquier poder lanzado, Si Inuyasha crea una técnica aun mayor , Naraku crea una barrera de energía para anular el ataque, Si Inuyasha mejora el arma y rompe con esta barreras de energia, Naraku huye y crea nuevos cuerpos, armaduras y artimañas para no morir.


Y si, hablo del efecto Voldemort, ocultar su punto débil, su propio corazón en otra parte, para que él no pueda morir aun si es desintegrado su cuerpo en batalla.

Otros puntos negativos son que Aome al empezar la serie tiene demasiado poder y sin haber entrenado, al punto que casi mata a Naraku de un ataque de flecha de luz, y solo dejarle la cabeza y destruir el cuerpo del villano.



El Monje Miroku es otro personaje algo raro de entender, tiene una tecnica que es liberar un agujero negro de su mano y con esto absorve miles de demonios en un segundo, pero su origen es algo tonto, ya que segun la serie (Un ancestro de Mikoku le toco el trasero a Naraku cuando este tenia un cuerpo femenino décadas atrás, y este lo maldijo con un agujero en su mano que lo matara un día al azar)

Te cuestionaras ¿que tiene de malo esto?, osea literalmente Naraku le teme a su propia maldición que le dio a una persona random, (que es que lo absorba el agujero negro en una batalla), pero si te pones a analizar, la maldición fue tan trivial que Naraku puede retirarla o mejor aun, darle esa habilidad a un ejercito de monstruos de su bando, cada uno de ellos con un agujero negro en su mano para aniquilar a Inuyasha y compañía como pelotón de fusilamiento con esta técnica.


Supongo que a niveles de entretenimiento la serie cumple su meta, aunque me atrevo a decir que hay mucho capitulo relleno de ayudar aldeanos, que veamos a Shipo, el niño zorro con una niña que le gusta, entre un sin fin de criaturas de menor rango que no son problema para el héroe...y que muchas veces ni siquiera poseen un fragmento de la perla.



Por desgracia el punto de este anime es el efecto reciclar, es decir, siempre el villano huirá para otra temporada, creara nuevos lacayos y volverán a buscar los fragmentos de la perla, pues siempre se volverán a esparcir luego de la batalla final de cada temporada, alargando de una forma innecesaria la serie, al punto que la autora del manga, (lo hace mas es por mantener el sueldo y construir con este un piso nuevo en su apartamento, comprarse un ferrari y pagar la universidad de sus nietos, que de concluir la obra).

Eso es lo que literalmente arruina la serie.

Es decir, sabemos que la susodicha perla es 1 objeto que incrementa poderes a las criaturas, pero por dios santo, estamos en el japón antiguo, hay miles de artículos malditos que pueden hacer lo mismo y hasta mejor.
Así que centrar todo el peso de la serie en un villano tan desgastado y monotomo como Naraku y las esquirlas de cristal de la perla, "se vuelve algo asi como capitulo de power ranger", donde sabes que va a pasar con ver las anteriores referencias de capítulos.

En mi concepto debieron eliminar a Naraku y la perla en 2 temporadas a lo máximo y seguir con otro demonio superior, es decir otro villano distinto y otro articulo mágico que deben sellar o destruir para que nadie se vuelva un demonio que destruya el mundo como un dia del juicio final.

Pero por desgracia la serie cae en ese punto donde ( el villano randonea mucho con sus planes, deja vivo al heroe muchas veces cuando debio matarlo y si lo Naraku sufre daño, huye y vuelve para seguir con lo mismo por mas y mas temporadas).

Y si, se que el malo de la serie al ser básicamente Inmortal, pues ocultando su corazón no pueden matarlo, tiene el tiempo del universo para hacer lo que guste, pero se vuelve monotomo enfrentarlo en mas y mas capitulos.

Añado, Si Naraku Sabia que Inuyasha estuvo sellado en ese árbol por 50 años, ¿que le impedía ir a absorber en dicho sitio en un dia libre al heroe?.
Si Naraku mas de una vez en batalla gano contra el protagonista ¿porque no lo mata o lo absorbe como Cell de dragon Ball?

¿Vez porque este villano es pesado de entender?, la autora se contradice mucho al armar un guion sobre la marcha y no cristalizar las ideas de su propio villano.

En si la serie es divertida cuando la miras con ojos inocentes de niño, ( o por si quieres revivir tus recuerdos de esta al verla ocasionalmente un episodio aleatorio), pero cuando empiezas a verla en modo maratón te empiezas a cuestionar cada capitulo y cada falla de guion que literalmente te harán voltear la mesa (con un disparo de reacción al ver que carajos pasa, y porque el villano no gana si puede hacerlo y ya).

Ojo y no exagero, en un momento cumbre de la trama Inuyasha pudo dominar la espada y derrotar a un dragón inmortal e indestructible que (mato a su padre,el cual era un verdadero demonio). Añado que el padre de Inuyasha solo lo sello con una herida en el corazón clavandole una garra con su forma de lobo gigante...y aun así este murio y el dragón gano.


Y aquí Inushaya lo desintegra con su nueva técnica de ataque de la espada, (añado a pesar de que el dragon tenia escamas indestructible)...y en otro episodio el héroe esta en aprietos contra un ser humano que posee un solo fragmento de chikon en su estomago. Osea No puedes poner el liston tan alto (de que superaste a tu padre y que ahora matas criaturas mitologicas inmortales de un solo ataque) a que un humano o un demonio menor nivel basura me tienen en aprietos y en riesgo de muerte al otro episodio.

Desdichadamente ese afán de la autora de meter relleno "luego de una pelea épica destruye" la lógica del poder obtenido del protagonista, así que en planos generales se siente que a la autora (no le importaba su propia serie, para ella solo era una vaca mas por ordeñar y sacarle lucro haciendo mas y mas episodios). Por ello luego de ver esta serie con ojos un poco mas críticos, hay que decirlo de forma seria, "baje del pedestal a esta serie Inuyasha de donde la tenia, solo por recuerdos de infancia".

Y si, se que mas de uno defenderá esta serie a capa y espada por el recuerdo de haberla visto, pero cuando se sienten a mirarla de nuevo verán que no es mentira lo que les argumento, pues es un hecho que puedes verificar mirando la serie de nuevo con tus propios ojos.

Cabe decir que la serie cumple con entretener (asi sea con episodios relleno, pero como explico el afan de alargar la serie y romper la lógica del guion) hacen que se sienta algo fea de ver si la miras en pantalla y analizas la trama.


This show played a big role in me liking anime but revisiting the plot and everything about it now, it wasn't that great as I remembered but still good for casual viewing. It's hard to get this anime some attention that it did in the past if compared to other shows if this was aired now.

And if the series is quite entertaining and tells a lot as a medieval fable with Japanese monsters that nobody knew at that time, to the point of looking like a history channel documentary, clearly if you watch it occasionally and randomly there is no problem, when watching it in a linear way may begin to shine some script flaws, but in matters of captivating audience the series does its job.

Inuyasha is my forever favourite and I am rewatching it again. It’s the first anime I have watched and still feel nostalgic about it.

Thanks for bringing back memories 💖

Thanks for commenting and yes it is a good series that entertains a lot, I think the villain and recycling him over and over again to extend the plot, was the only negative thing.

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This is one of my favorites, along with Ranma 1/2, haha.

Ranma is a very good series of fights, this is also on telegram just by searching the name and language, in that series there were many girls as love interest of the protagonist, although I think the one who cooked Ukyo was the most neutral character in my opinion.

The enemies were many, although I never understood why they fought for Akane's love if she's just a normal girl, it's not like she was Mia Kalifa to get beaten up for her XD.

Hahaha, You just made me laugh with Mia Kalifa take. I think I find Akane cute.


She can cook, she's pretty, she's not a toxic girl, and she's also been engaged to Ranma since she was a child because of a deal between Ranma's father and Ukyo's father for a fast food stand, before being introduced to Akane at age 16.

Legally I'll take this girl

Este anime es realmente hermoso, yo también lo volvería a ver, incluso con sus escenas de relleno vale la pena.
Quien no lo haya visto se puede animar a hacerlo, no se va a arrepentir.

This anime is really beautiful, I would also watch it again, even with its filler scenes it is worth it.
Anyone who hasn't seen it can be encouraged to do so, they won't regret it.

Y si la serie entretiene asi sea con el relleno, creo que lo unico malo fue abusar del villano como Lady Bug, ya que se siente que alargan la serie a propósito para hacer mas capítulos, que de avanzar a otro villano nuevo para mejorar la trama.

And if the series entertains even with the filler, I think the only bad thing was to abuse the villain as Lady Bug, as it feels that they lengthen the series on purpose to make more chapters, than to advance another new villain to improve the plot.


sin duda Inuyasha es un gran anime para mi uno de los mejores, definitivamente lo puedes ver mil veces y no te aburres, es de esos que te encanta como la primera vez...

Inuyasha is undoubtedly a great anime for me one of the best, you can definitely see it a thousand times and not get bored, is one of those that you love like the first time....

Gracias janus