Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul | Fanart

It is my third week that I am posting something in this anime lovers community last time I paint one of my favourite anime "Your name" 's main character Mitsuha and last time I also asked that which character would anyone like to be drawn and @ayamihaya asked if it is possible to draw Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul.

Before that I was only aware by the name of this anime and as it's name seems interesting I tried to watch it but during the week I was only able to watch it's season 1 and it was a lot of fun it was deep fantasy movie.

Series plot

The series revolves around the concept of ghouls ( creatures that looks like humans but they hunt humans and eat them ) they live nestled in the cities among humans where we find our main character Kaneki (金木). In early episodes we know that Kaneki have a girlfriend named Mize Kamishira and they both are on a date but while dating Mize attacked on Kaneki and tried to kill him where it is exposed that she is a ghoul but suddenly due to an accident she died and Kaneki was also injured they both bring to hospital and Kaneki's one eye is replaced with mize's eye after that incident with the passage of time he realised that he has grown many unusual things just like ghouls like smell of blood attracts him as well as his body was also turning into a ghoul on his way of adventure he found a shelter where many other ghouls become his companion they teach him how to live like a ghoul among other humans and many other things obviously therea are many villains who want to erase these ghouls the movie is full of emotions and adventures I will never explaine it's each and every thing being not to be a spoiler


For making a symmetrical face and making a perfect base of sketch draw two corresponding lines and then with a soft hand try to make the base of sketch.
I have made a GIF in order not to fill the article full of images.

After that I made it's skin by mixing equal amount of yellow red and blue colour it always make perfect skin colour and if you want to make it a bit more glowing add some white.

After this I started adding black as the most portrait was black the mask was black the shirt is Black so I started adding black.

On first sight it seems to be a straight portrait but I had to add a tons of details to make it can you see those teeth and red gums they are actually a mask 😷 they have a zip on them if you observe it.

The most tricky part of the process was the character's hairs I took around two hours to make them first I mixed a perfect blend of colours to make a grey shade and then some black for making it even more precise.

Here is an image before I did that black outline and hairs done with black shade how is it should I had left it there or final results are better don't forget to give your suggestion.

Here are the final results of my fanart I completed this piece in three days but it will make me encourage to do more if you guys will like it.

Wait,,, there is more I have captured a few more close shots of the art below is the gallery.On right side movie name Tokyo Ghoul (車京喰種) is mentioned while on right side character name Kaneki (金木).

Don't forget to give your suggestions and either should I have done those hairs black shade ir not and which character should I try for next.


How cool that you chose to make this fan-art at the suggestion of another user, I really like that type of interactions.

This drawing of Kaneki is great, you really have a lot of talent for these things.

There is a character from the anime Bleach that I really like, his name is Urahara Kisuke, when you have some time you could draw him.

On the other hand, please remember that it is essential to visit and support other users' posts, keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing.

I am very glad that you visited and appreciate it.
It will be my honour to do my best about that character you mentioned Urahara Keisuke is next.
I love to engage with others ☺️.

Congratulations because it was great, for sure she will love the drawing you did and what a nice detail that you take into account the requests of other users to make your drawings, you have talent for it 👌

I like to draw but I always had difficulties to make the hands haha they were very deformed 😂

I love to get suggestions from others she had given a better idea so I did what I could.
Practising anything makes it perfect even if water keeps dropping on stone it can pierce it you just need focus and practice nothing is impossible.

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Hey, that's great! I liked the way you've depicted the character and also the coloring. It was really excellent.

I also like to draw so maybe I can create a fanart later, we'll see.

Omg you have kept my wish 🥹 I didn’t expect that! I love it the way you have drawn it absolutely looking amazing. I hope you have heard their opening song Tokyo - Unravel it’s my favourite song.


I really found it enjoyable while watching the series throughout the week and drawing Kaneki.
I heard that song really thrilling.


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@ayamihaya(1/5) tipped @mojiko-blog

Mojiko I feel like I am a person with zero talent and skill. All talent and skills are given to people like you 💕. This is so good and realistic.

Everyone has it's own unique qualities bro you just need to polish your skills.

Wow, this is such a great work, you are truly talented.
Congrats! Keep it up.

Thanks for your appreciation it will keep me motivated 😊.

Wow, The drawing turned out great and I'm sure you'll get better and better with time, I hope to see another one of your drawings soon!

Practice makes everything perfect I hope next time I will try to do better

Nice one (^_^)

Wow🙌! You did an amazing job😍

That's a really nice drawing! I totally loved the end result and it's so nice from you to take the suggestion from a user :3

Thanks for reaching my content 😀 and your appreciation these things keep me motivated 💞.