Why Anime Series?

It's always never easy accepting a new trend as a lot of persons will try as much as possible to come up with reasons to discredit that and stick with what they are already familiar with.

In that same way, it's not easy to sell the Anime idea in this part of the world where a lot prefers Hollywood, Nollywood and Koreans not to even talk of the fact that Animes aren't even acted with human characters but animated characters.

A lot of persons will tell you it's childish, others will say it's not worth their time but the funny thing is that most persons say this even without giving it a try.

I was also in this ship with similar idea until I decided to give one of them a try and guess what?
Today, I'm advocating for Anime, hehehe.

So Why Should You Really Watch Animes?
  • An Embodiment of History

Most Anime collections are actually based on Japanese culture and in extension by watching these collections, you get to learn about their cultures making it easier, more fun and even faster for you to broaden your knowledge despite not reading about it in a book.

Asides from that, for persons who wants to visit Japan later in life, you get closer to learning their language by watching these collections, isn't it fascinating? hehehe.

  • Great Visuals

All the Animes I've seen have a classic quality and that's their graphics. They doesn’t suffer from dull backgrounds or lackluster visuals and watching movies with such clarity adds spice to it.

  • Can Watch With Kids

Unlike some movies that you're uncertain of what could happen in the next scene and might have to get the children out of the sitting room so as not to expose them to what you don't want them to see, Animes are movies you can watch comfortably with kids and they will even enjoy it more than you, lol.

  • Never Boring

Often times when you tell people they have to spend an hour watching an episode of a series, they get bored already but that's not the case with Animes....

Within 15-20minutes, you're done with an episode and this act of constantly moving from one episode to another within a short time makes it captivating and not boring in anyway.

  • Limitless

Animes are so fun that regardless of the story that you can think about and regardless of any impossible act you can think of might have an Anime series to its name, lol and this is because there is a never ending limitation on what the characters could do.

Screenshot from my phone

Anime is a reflection of *"Just think about it and it will be done act", hehehe.

  • Entertaining

No doubt, Animes are up there when it comes to entertaining the audience.
The storyline, graphics, memorable characters and action packed characters all add up to present a never ending entertainment.

I can go on but I believe something here must have convinced you already so let me stop, hehehe
I've not watched many but you can pick any of these if you're confused of where to start and see for yourself, hehehe.

One piece


Demon Slayer

MV5BMzNjNjdhOGQtMmYxMi00YWFjLWFhOGUtZjc2ZTJhMDlmNmExL2ltYWdlL2ltYWdlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTAyODkwOQ@@._V1_FMjpg_UX1000_ (1) - 2024-02-27T124408.386.jpg


Thanks for reading and have a nice day.


Asides from that, for persons who wants to visit Japan later in life, you get closer to learning their language by watching these collections

I agree with this, even if I haven't visited Japan yet animes are extensions of Japanese culture.

That's very true and infact I'll love to visit them because from the Anime languages, it's interesting, hehe

It's one of the most popular animation series. Although I haven't seen the animation but the hype of anime is very high. After my exam I will start watching the animation.

Which of them in particular or you meant all?

It's ironic how some people think that anime is "just" for kids, but most of them aren't. I remember one acquaintance telling me, "When will you grow up?" because of my love for anime... but oh well, NEVER! :D

Anyway, though I agree with most of your points, there will always be some exemptions... well, it's a matter of preference after all. :)

there will always be some exemptions

Hehe, definitely, I knew there must be exceptions but I was talking from my own point of view.
Thanks for commenting and na! Animes ain't for kids,lol

I don't consider, like others, that anime is childish, that depends on the story we are watching and its genre.
All the points you developed in the post are very valid.
I think anime is an extraordinary type of animation that has earned an important place in the world of audiovisual productions.

That's Very true.... It all lies on the context exactly

The only difficult thing I find in anime is they are really complex stories sometimes. But if you count dragon ball z in anime then yup I love anime


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Hehe, thanks a lot for the support bro... I really appreciate
And yes, animes can be quite confusing atimes but they're always nice

Yay! 🤗
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I never met with people who would call anime a cartoon or for the children. It’s because I never allow my friends Circle to behave like that because they know their boundaries.


Hehe, it's a line you keep hearing even at this point over here in Nigeria 😂
You're lucky


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I watch some anime too and i have caught on some of their languages and tones, so i guess you are right. We can learn their languages and cultures via these movies.

Wait....mr doctor in training, so you watch movies too? When do you have time for that, shouldn't you be cutting open someone's shull or stomach? Hahaha

The last line got me honestly 😂

Well, truth is that I was a movie freak before getting admission so it's a little bit hard to stop and even at that, doctors can't kill themselves also ni, don't you agree😂

Animes are just cool

I agree o....unfortunately hahaha. Well done. Enjoy yourself jare

I have not watch anime or manga in a very, very, very long time! An art of it's own! 👍


Exactly an art of its own sir... Very unique

It is true that anime is not only for children, in fact that is also what people tend to believe with animation in general and the truth is that it is a medium, not a genre. I have seen several anime series quite good and others not so good, there is something for all tastes...

there is something for all tastes...

That's certainly true