Announcement: Ask Anime Week #8 Winner, What Anime Had a Good Pilot Episode But Ended with a Bad Season Finale?


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Week #8: What Anime Had a Good Pilot Episode But Ended with a Bad Season Finale?

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Masamune-kun’s Revenge is a trashy romantic comedy high school revenge plot harem mashup that I’ve rewatched a few times and read around 4 volumes total of the manga. Season 1 is mostly a guilty pleasure and a solid adaptation of the manga with both the Japanese and English dubs being pretty great. The problem rises up during the last 15 minutes of the season finale where that dropped an Anime original ending that season 2 just ignored altogether (and also, impo, is a very bad adaptation in its own right, but I digress).

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The worlds finest assassin, watching its first episode i was like "hmm looks promising" so i watched it thinking there's something deeper going on, but then it was a bit disappointing, that it seemed like the main role lost his way of the journey instead went on having harem 😆 like dafaq, its like i went back to the 90's and early 20's anime plot typical or maybe i just dont like harem or anime that has romance same with sword art online 🤔

I don't watch anime a lot the same as before.. And if i watch it, either the drawing caught my interests or the story is nice 😆 but this one was a total waste of my time...

Just my opinion.. No hate to people who love this anime

We all have different tastes after all

I’m with you on that. It definitely wasn’t my cup of tea either for similar reasons, although, on a more positive note, the OP and the Goddess’s shenanigans were pretty 🔥. She and Aqua from Konosuba should go drinking together.

thank you! hahah ill try to check that out 😁