Ask Anime Week #8: What Anime Had a Good Pilot Episode But Ended with a Bad Season Finale?

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What Anime Had a Good Pilot Episode But Ended with a Bad Season Finale?

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Can't remember because either I didn't finish them because I got bored or they're gone in my memories forever. LOL
But okay, let me just choose one.
Probably Shaman King? I don't remember the ending already LOL that means it wasn't as memorable as I hoped.
But I'll still probably watch the new season. LOL

I think that would be “Sword art online” I love the first season but I stopped watching when I saw how they have stretched things very much and I didn’t like the ending at all.

I think it's "Prince of Stride"which is a sports anime about parkour/free running and it was so exciting to watch. The movements were so fun that you'd unconsciously hold your breath. Disappointingly, the ending was quite anticlimactic because they failed to show the most exciting part and decided to end in quite a unique yet boring way. XD

For me, it's Akame Ga Kill. When I started the anime, I so much enjoyed it that I was glued to the screen. But the ending episodes are somewhat shocking for me, the part at which all the main cast dies for a reason that doesn't help. I was sad. I was someone who loves plot armour most of the time, seeing this, I wasn't happy at all , so it had a rather bad ending.

I wrote a review several weeks back about that series but had the opposite reaction. I enjoyed the ending of Akame ga Kill but can completely understand why most Anime watchers didn’t.

For me, it has to be Full Metal Alchemist, to be honest, I can't fully remember its exact ending since it has been more than a decade since I last watched it, but I can still fully remember that I was very disappointed at the ending.

Is this the series ending or the film? Conquerors of Shambala was the full series finale film but I agree with the television finale being a bit forgettable.

The TV series ending 😊

Masamune-kun’s Revenge is a trashy romantic comedy high school revenge plot harem mashup that I’ve rewatched a few times and read around 4 volumes total of the manga. Season 1 is mostly a guilty pleasure and a solid adaptation of the manga with both the Japanese and English dubs being pretty great. The problem rises up during the last 15 minutes of the season finale where that dropped an Anime original ending that season 2 just ignored altogether (and also, impo, is a very bad adaptation in its own right, but I digress).

I sent out 2 Hive instead of 1 Hive by mistake as previously stated on the contest guidelines. Please keep the extra Hive. I'm not going to be stingy about community rewards. I like seeing your activity here. - adam

oh wow, I was planning to watch this but okay, I'll probably push it back in my list 😂

Watch it!!! 👏

Hahaha I will probably!

It's definitely Death Note, for after I finished the first episode, I was really looking forward to the next scene that will happen, but after watching a few more episodes; I find it quite boring and disappointing. I was hoping that there will be some character development for Light, but unfortunately the plot became apparent to me when he killed Naomi. He ended dying as a unredeemable scum, which was such a waste.