Ask Anime Week #9: What's a Character Trait that's immediately going to make you like them in the show?

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Ask Anime Question of the Week:

What's a Character Trait that's immediately going to make you like them in the show?

Is it the way they talk? is it the way they dress? Is their quirk relatable? what makes the character stand out to you that makes them worth being your favorite? and even if they aren't your favorite, at least something about their trait that makes you automatically interested in them.

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I think the first thing I would care about the character being self aware like I don’t not like those who are kinda stupid or needs someone else’s help to figure out things. I would mostly like the confident characters and smart. Such as Eren Yeager he is his own boss.

I'm sorry, but what I love is for a character to have good deduction skills, therefore to be intelligent, able to solve the problems that come his way and obviously that ability to never give up even when everything is against him. With a capacity for thinking that even makes you see beyond the ordinary, something like Shinpei Ajiro.

That's right!

Give me a true psychopath that uses their mental instability for something other than evil doings. There are two examples that immediately endeared themselves to me: 1) Akane Hiyama from Love Tyrant is a Yandere that fails at killing anyone due to “plot” reasons; 2) Cid Kagano from Eminence in Shadow is a trollish character that may or may not have had the power to Haruhi his world and its conflicting conspiracies into existence.

Intelligence, many know that I love villains, but not just any villains, but those who show enough intelligence to surprise even the most astute protagonist.

That does not fall into the absurd or desperate to win, but that is so brilliant that it makes you feel that the villain should win.

Many villains become our favorite character, even without want it!

Daddy character ♡⁠(⁠>⁠ ⁠ਊ⁠ ⁠<⁠)⁠♡, whenever I watch new anime, I always look for a daddy character. Usually those daddy characters were the reason why I watch an anime because I really want to see them in every episode. You see I have weird fetish for daddy characters (plus point if they're sensei 𓁹‿𓁹 ʰᵉʰ); I like the way they care for other characters. So yeah– I'm a simp for those kind of characters (⁠灬⁠º⁠‿⁠º⁠灬⁠).

Marshall D. Teech also known as black beard is one of the characters I love in one piece, even though he's a villian. He believes in his dream just like Luffi, but he can do anything to achieve it. I love him basically because of his fights and powers. He's an end game villain and I love to see him.

I'd have to go with intelligence and a sense of honor.
Like a character who follows his own set of rules but isn't too naive.
You have a set of rules or ideals and have the strength and capacity to fulfill them.

The characters who have determination. That tenacity necessary to achieve their goals that may be very big but that they want to achieve at all costs. Although obviously they must be self-aware, not have an unreal idea that they are invincible but rather that based on their real capabilities, they can achieve their goal.

@eldiariodelys what character trait do you like the most?

I love gap characters the most! For instance, Kuroo (Haikyuu!) is a reliable captain, but he's a goofy nerd. Then, we have Zoro (One Piece) who's an amazing and cool nakama, but with a terrible sense of direction. I guess this gap makes them more relatable and more human. 😎✌️

It is being "under the radar" just like Kiyotaka Ayanokoji exhibited in the first season of "Classroom of the Elite".

That he is silent, the outcast, that he feels like a counterpart to the protagonist without being a villain, the classic anti-hero style; that's the character I always hope to see in some anime.

Another type of character can be the main villain, I mean the one that is focused on a saga, that is a great threat, must be a real villain, dangerous and that is a great test to overcome.