Community Update and Curation Report [Compilations 1-15]

I had a question. How do we know we're being fair at nominating posts for people within this community as mods? So I compiled the names and frequency of authors recommended for @ocd votes and this post was the result.

The chart below reflects the voting distribution of authors posting within the community from compilations 1-15.


There are 54 total unique authors.
27 unique authors were voted once (19%).
9 unique authors were voted twice (13%).

Authors voted thrice and up are specifically mentioned in the chart.

When we're out curating authors, we go look beyond the post and into the author's behavior itself. When we nominate posts, we nominate with the intention that these authors are worth the vote they are getting and are compensated for their activity on the platform.

You may have noticed that some authors here are voted a lot more frequent than others. The simplest explanation is that these authors have more posting frequency here than others. So if a user only shows up once in a blue moon or doesn't seem to show any consistent behavior with their activity, it's unlikely that they'll get any encouragement.

A lot of the times, people can quit posting after they published something here, I get the part where you are discouraged because you didn't get something out for your time and "hard work" but let me tell you that you shouldn't be posting here or on Hive if you're expectations are along the lines of guaranteed rewards because that's now how the platform works. If you have an inflated ego that your content is really that good, do yourself a favor and be an influencer somewhere else, they earn more money than the top paid author on this site.

The names that shown to have been frequently voted on are actively engaging with other authors here.

A common barrier for nominations is having the author's rep at or beyond 70 or they are well compensated with their other posts from other communities. Call it a double edge of success but we're prioritizing users that have less reputation for being relatively new to the platform or haven't had any consistent rewards so far.

I mean, you've been on the platform for several months now and you're writing hasn't improved ever since. I'm expected to appreciate your work given this long term performance evaluation? Your latest post isn't the only thing being curated, it's your user activity too.

As for rewards, if I tell you that having your post reach 1$ on average is already remarkable, you'd probably raise an eye brow even if more than half of hive users barely reach that value on their posts on a regular basis. And you'll probably think it's ridiculous to spend your time trying.

It takes you at least 5 million impressions on twitter on average to qualify for a slice of that ad revenue for your posts there. Here you get only 1 or 3 people reading your posts and you're doing well off than most content creators. I'm only saying this contrast for authors that have tried participating in this community and gave up because they didn't get a vote or something.

As a curator, have you ever thought about how difficult it is to decide whether you want to reward someone with a poorly written post but you acknowledge that they're also trying their best? even if English isn't their first language, it isn't that hard to proofread your work and not confuse a FEMALE character with a MALE addressing them with HE/HIM, HER/SHE, which sometimes grinds my gears whenever I read the write up.

There are minor typos, inconsistences here and there, bad writing and all sorts of minor mistakes that can be overlooked yet still nominated because sometimes, if the author is actively participating in engaging with other people's post here, all those negatives can be overlooked. We're investing our votes to authors that want to be a part of the community, not to authors that are drifters.

It's easy to tell which authors are into what they are writing about. Someone who enjoys anime will write a certain way versus someone that just writes as if it were an assignment hoping a curator deems it a pass.

Out of 54 authors that have been supported, only 66% of those authors ever commented or acknowledged they were included in the compilation at least once. And within those 66% are people who are likely to have been voted on more than thrice by community.

There's no magic sauce to curation here, get active, be engaging, put some effort into your writing, and be consistent at least on improving.

Adam wrote this.


Very well said. Many think being a curator is easy, it is if you just nom with half open eyes for your curation rewards. But if you're dedicated to do a proper job and reward those who put the time and effort not only for that particular posts but for their presence on Hive as a whole, then it's a lot harder work

Many think being a curator is easy

I think this notion came from the idea that everyone here is a curator so they apply their own principles on what they vote on than adhere to a wider community guidelines with some accountability. I think of it as easy being an individual curator but hard to be a community curator.

I APPEAR ON THE COVER!!! hahaha ok no, I really like this community, even when I don't have many votes, there are comments, I like that they like what I write.

Not for nothing, I don't think I understood the graphic with so many repeated colours, hahaha.

These are not repeated colors, these have different shades, I invite you to take a look again.

I had the same problem when I generated that chart but then it takes a while for my eyes to adjust against a white background.

Is making more posts better?

Oh well, I'm not really in for the upvotes (although they are a major incentive.)
I just tend to write posts as often as I watch the anime 😂.
Slowly nearing that 70 reputation range.
Scary realization that curations wouldn't be something to be counted on as often anymore 😂😂😂

I'm with @syberia though... The difference in shades aren't all that visible to me 😂

Not that it makes a difference as the point was well made..

All in all, I'll try to be even more engaging on here in hopes for more upvotes🤭

I think that came out wrong 😂

More relationships with fellow manga readers and anime watchers....

This sounds much better, ignore the first bit...

In this post I reflect myself, and I think that also as the writing says sometimes my ego goes up and I think that they are not fair with my publications, but reviewing background I realize that I am privileged in this community since some of my posts have been very well voted and that comforts me a lot and encourages me to continue participating and sharing content of my liking and also of many in this community.

Ohh.. I see my name!!! hahah
Though I don't post regularly, but I always visit this community whenever I get the chance. Anime is my stress-reliever, after all. :) I have more than 70 rep because I've been in this platform for so long and have seen people come and go. I think if you're passionate about something, you'd really keep going... I may take a break from time to time because "life"... but I always see myself coming back. haha