The Anime Realm Community Curation Report #19

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Hello everyone! Welcome to The Anime Realm community curation report #19. This will be one of many reports which will be used to highlight users who have done a very good job in the last days. Each moderator is in charge of reviewing compliance with the community rules, user engagement as well as other factors.

One of our missions as a community is to grow this niche that we like so much and that allows us to get into this world that is full of good stories and lots of fun, so your posts and experiences are very important for us to know more and more anime and manga.

Community Curation Report #19

Below, we mention the authors and publications selected by the curation team in this report. And these are:

Saikano: "My Girlfriend, The Ultimate Weapon" [EN - ES] by @nameless16

(ENG/SPA) Avatar The Last Airbender is an Anime by @promete0sz

Bakemono no Ko: An adventure of healing and friendship by @mig1

Bucchigiri?! Anime Review 2024 by @filotasriza3

Leadale No Daichi Nite - Reviving In The Video Game You Mastered [ENG -ESP] by @kuronokenshi

Marry My Husband: Can you change your destiny? [ENG/ESP] by @ibet

Aoi Ashito of Ao Ashi (Fan art) by @tegoshei

[ENG/ESP] Me volvi a ver Inuyasha y este es mi analisis de la serie by @janusmolinovsky

(ESP-ENG) Bayonetta: Bloody Fate - Movie Review! by

Mystery & Comedy ~ Migi & Dali - Review by @ayamihaya

We encourage you to keep the flame alive and we wait for you with open arms in your next publications, for sure you will continue to share quality content with the community. Also, we remind you of the importance of visiting and supporting the posts of other users, let's keep in mind that this makes us grow as users and as a community.

About the community

The Anime Realm is a global community where you can share anime and manga related content such as reviews, opinion articles, critiques, personal stories, AMV, Fan-Art, news, cosplays and much more. Don't waste any more time and share your content with us!

We invite you to review the suggested guidelines post as well as the community rules to become much more familiar with us. The Anime Realm Discord Server

Come and share manga and anime related content!


Thanks a lot for including my post 💖

Hello, I would like to know, please explain to me that I do not understand very well, what the publications are like since I would like to do so.

What would you specifically want to know?

What is the modality in this community to make a publication?

We curate posts stated here

I'll see, thanks

hi sorry for being late, thanks always for the support and the mention <3