The Anime Realm Community Curation Report #2

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Once again, we are pleased to share with you dear community the posts of users who shared with us content that of course was determined by the curation team to be eligible for quality and user behavior. So, we present this report to detail the posts that were supported for complying with the rules and requirements of the community, in addition to other factors taken into account by the curators.

Community Curation Report #2

Below, we mention the authors and publications selected by the curation team in this report #2. And these are:

Noragami: When you expected something bad and it turns out not to be bad by @ibet


Noragami is a series that I recommend if you are looking for an original and entertaining story, with characters that make you laugh, and a plot that keeps you hooked. It is a series that makes you reflect on the importance of human relationships and the search for a purpose in life. I haven't read the manga yet and to be honest I don't think I will (at least not soon) I have several animes pending on the list and I don't want to fill myself up because I will never finish (or start) it, I really recommend it, it's entertaining, it has an interesting plot, the opening of the 2nd season is wonderful (I'll talk about it later wink, wink) and each season has few episodes, important if you are like me that you don't like long series. Tell me what you think of this series if you have already seen it, I'll say goodbye for now, thank you very much for reading and see you later in another post ❤️

Chainsaw Man was Interestingly Weird... by @tegoshei


As expected from an anime based on a Shonen JUMP comic, it was so excited and fun to watch. What made me like this anime the most was the existence of a lot of crazy and unique characters. There were a bunch of funny scenes that made me laugh out loud, but there were also quite the emotional ones... you know that feeling when you see someone who's always so happy and crazy without a care in the world suddenly cries? It's tough...

Dororo, a good adaptation for a good story by @felipao-wrla


Despite all this, Dororo's more or less realistic narration is generally its strongest points. If one or another detail could be fixed, it would be a perfect work, but it is still an excellent adaptation and a highly recommended anime.

Review Summer Time Rendering by @janusmolinovsky


P.S.: the ending is something complicated and strange to explain, since they could have done like Jumangi, return to a time when they were young and the protagonist had not yet left the island to study as a cook in the city, that is, that his doppelganger with the power of the end would return in time and save his version original, letting them live with the conscience of everything that happened at that point of their younger versions on the beach.
But restarting the series from the entrance to the island where the hero disembarks for the first time to make him go through that hell again "to stop the awakening of that dark god (with all his memories and his deaths with spoiler)", the truth leaves the series anchored in a vicious circle without end like a Dante's hell.

Oshi No Ko | Unveiling the Idol World by @adalathu


After I finished watching it, I understood why it is one of the highest rated anime of the year. It tackles conventional themes from a different and more mature perspective, without becoming tedious or boring. Thanks to its success, it has been renewed for a second season, and I can't wait to find out the identity of the twins' father Hoshino and see if the twins will be able to fulfill their dreams and those of their mother.

Unpopular But Very Interesting Anime: 86 Review And My Opinion by @iam-siki


The anime 86 has a lot of action in it, as we saw some fights between the jagganurts and the autonomous legions' empire, as the legions also have their own generals, but it really talked more about the racial problems. Also, it has some tragic moments, and its graphics is also good showing us the features of what real-world war looks like, like the real guns, weaponry, and the like.
Let me just give you a tip if you've never watched it. It's not a spoiler, though. After finishing the anime, I cried a little, just a little. This movie brought out the emotional feelings in me. Oh, the feeling was different. Trust me. It was fun watching this anime. For those who have never watched it, it was worth watching.

Let's talk about... Kuroshitsuji (with Buhito) by @elbuhito


The action and characters are very well done. The mystery, suspense and drama are very well handled not to mention the perfect quality of the drawing, without a doubt it is a work to applaud and we recommend 100% this anime, and if you have already seen it we would like to read your opinion and if it impacted you as much as it did us (if you saw it, you will know what I mean).

We encourage you to keep the flame alive and we wait for you with open arms in your next publications, for sure you will continue to share quality content with the community. Also, we remind you of the importance of visiting and supporting the posts of other users, let's keep in mind that this makes us grow as users and as a community.

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