The Anime Realm Contest #1: My Favorite Anime


Because we want to promote community engagement and make the community active, we will be doing a monthly blogging contest for everyone to join! It's also a good chance to learn more about anime and the likes, and about each other. Let's use this chance to make friends in the community too!


Since this is our first blogging contest, we want to start it with a very simple question.

The question you will be answering is the following:

What Is Your Favorite Anime Of All Time?

Ever since you started watching anime, what is your top 1 anime that you really like? We want to know what it is, why you like it, and/or when you started watching it. Maybe there's a story behind it, please also share! You're free to say anything about your most favorite anime of all time.

Think hard 😉
We only want to know 1 anime.


The rules are pretty simple:

  1. Create a blog post about the topic provided.
  2. Your post should have a minimum of 250 words.
  3. Post in The Anime Realm Community.
  4. No plagiarism.
  5. English content. If you're content has other language, please have a section for English translation.
  6. Use the tag/s provided below.
  7. Share your entry as a comment in this post.
  8. Everybody is welcome to join!
  9. (Optional) Tag someone that you think will want to join this contest.

Topic Tag: #MyFaveAnime

Please make sure to follow the rules, or we might miss your contest entry.

Deadline for this contest is on November 30, 2023 EOD UTC time.


While this is for fun, we want to give a prize to the winner. The winner will get 5 HIVE.

Special thanks to the donations for the prizes to be given to the community. If you want to donate, it will be a big help in making the community grow so thank you!

We will be waiting for your entries!


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Wahhhh, this is really a challenge coz I have a lot of fave anime. But let see, I need to weigh things first and decide coz there's really a lot of good anime in there.

Wao brilliant, I loved the theme ❤️ I hope that many will be encouraged to participate.

I have a question: I already published a post talking about my favorite anime in this community, I mentioned the story of my collection about that anime, how could I participate? I think in that post I wrote everything haha 😂

@elbuhito hmm, that's quite difficult indeed. you can choose another favorite? but if that's still your favorite anime, you can mention something that we haven't learn or maybe something that you still haven't shared to us from your old post, which i hope there is.

Ok, I will reread everything I posted about this anime and if there is nothing more to say, I can't say the second one either because I already spoke too haha or I will wait for the next initiative.

Thank you very much for replying ❤️

This will definitely a challenge for weebs be like. I will join it time permits!

where's your entry? hahahaa tp enter na oi hahaha

This is quite clear to me, it won't be difficult for me to talk about my favourite anime.

This is going to be very difficult, I have to think about which one because I like several anime very much 😅

First of all, politeness first: Good morning, good afternoon or good evening.

This will be my first post in this community and what better way to start than talking about one of my favorite drama series: Clannad.

Hello Everyone :) here's my entry to the contest

Let's Join this cool contest @sleepybae @jar98

Just one? That's really challenging, and I think I already post about them. I'll take time to see if I can come up with something in time 😅

Excellent contest, I hope to participate in my next post. There are and I liked them, but there is always one that they have marked for us and they give us so many hours of training.

Good luck for all of you.


Well, now I'll leave my participation here, as I mentioned before, I didn't have to think much about it.

Hola, espero que todos se encuentren bien. Aquí mi participación

Hello, I hope everyone is well. Here is my participation

hello everyone! here is the link to my participation.... thank you and good luck to the others!

I don't really know how to choose here 😵. Its really twisted.😫
Well, I guess I'll really have to choose one.

Wait for it 😉

Choosing only one is a challenge! Good luck and we'll wait for your entry!

Saludos. Me encanto poder escribir de uno de mis animes favoritos. Aquí mi participación

Greetings. I love to be able to write about one of my favorite anime. Here my participation

Hello, I'm really excited to start write at the community. I also love to participate in contests. Will there be contests?

Also when is the deadline?

Hi rimuru! This contest about writing your favorite anime will stop accepting entries in a day. Hoping to see your entry before the deadline! Good luck!

What time in a day?

That’s a good choice for the theme I actually never thought of writing about my favourite anime but review others. Thanks for creating the opportunity to talk about it.

Here’s my entry:

I dont particularly have a top 1 Favorite anime/manga, but here is 1 of the best I've watched which is I think is less known to many

This is my Entry :

My favorite anime could not be any other than "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime", the anime in which I use the protagonist as my name in Hive and as my profile image, Rimuru Tempest.


Hi all, here's my entry to the contest.

Joke! I'm not joining the contest 😅 I just wanna share mine~

How about yours @ruffatotmeee @tpkidkai @demotry @jijisaurart @ynah.artchi @xanreo?

Ookami to Koushinryou.

Akala ko you will be posting Detective conan! HAHAH

hahahaha favorite ko pa rin naman yan hehe

Sasali dapat ako eee. Nahirapan lang ako pumili coz ang dami ko favorite ahaha.

HAhahaha ge next time nalang HAHAHA

Kaya nga di na makahabol ay haha

Hmm so many by category. But if I can watch an anime over and over again, siguro Howl's Moving Castle or Princess Mononoke. 😁

I am late to the party, haha but to share mine here's my blog.

@wittyzel - o ayan na ha.

Hahahaha very good nemen

Hello, I'm happy to be for the first time in this community and also, starting with such a dynamic, here my participation!

Hello there! I totally forgot to leave my entry here, sorry x.x

Anyway, here it is:

It was posted on November 29 :)