The Anime Realm Quest For February 2024 [CLOSED]

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In exchange of the monthly blogging contest in TAR, we'll be having a monthly quest in the community! This is to encourage one another and to also promote the community!

Everyone is welcome to join!

The quest will span for the whole month so you can join anytime!
Just be careful to follow the instructions. 😉

Monthly Quest

This month, your quest is to complete the following:

1. Write at least 3 posts related to anime with any topic

This can include any reviews, cosplay events, collectibles, anime pilgrimage, fan arts, manga or manhwa you're reading, and many more.

2. Write at least 1 post of a romance anime

Since this month is a love month, please write a post of a romantic anime - the couple, the story and everything else you like or can relate to the anime. It can be a feel-good anime, a tsundere anime or a heartbreaking story.

This should be separate from #1.

3. Participate in at least 2 Ask Anime events

Ask Anime event is done weekly. You can participate by answering the weekly question in the comments.

4. Engage with other authors

Leave meaningful comments to other authors' post and not just yours. This is always a given but for those who don't know, engagement is greatly encourage in the community. We will review the comments you made and evaluate it if it's really not just a "thank you" or a "good anime".


The rules are pretty simple:

  1. Posts should be written in The Anime Realm Community. No cross posts.
  2. Your post should have a minimum of 300 words, not including the translation. So if you only wrote 150 words in English and the rest of the word count is made in another language, this will not be accepted.
  3. English content. If your content has other languages, please have a section for English translation first.
  4. No plagiarism, content and photos. Properly cite the sources.
  5. Important! The gap for all posts should be at least 2 days apart. This means to fulfill item #1 and #2, you need at least a week to complete it. While we encourage you to write daily in the community, it looks like spam posting so please avoid writing posts daily just to complete the quest items.
  6. Once you complete the quest, leave a comment in this post and we will verify. The comment should contain the links to the posts you made as proof to make it easy for us to track per account.

Not a strict format but you can try doing:

Item 1 Anime Posts:
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Item 2 Romance Anime:
Link 1
Item 3 Ask Anime Comments:
Link 1
Link 2

And comment it below this post when you're done.

Remember, please make sure to follow the rules.

Deadline for this quest is on February 29, 2024 EOD UTC time.


This is just a bonus. If you're making the posts, you're already earning post rewards and a chance to get curated.

But since this is a quest, we have prizes for you to enjoy!

The first 3 people to complete the quest will win 5 HIVE each. The comments containing the proof of accomplishment are timestamped so don't think about making place holders and editing them out later.

Special thanks to the donations for the prizes to be given to the community. If you want to donate, it will be a big help in making the community grow so thank you!

We will be waiting for your entries!


This is an excellent idea... We all love quests, right? :)
It's great that it's a monthly quest as I can somehow arrange my already busy schedule. haha

This is great, it will help me get going with anime once again and this also makes me quite excited because I haven't found any tsundere anime to watch for a long time. This could be the time I will find one. Wish me luck.

So original mechanic! Love it! way much better than a contest!

Romance anime? 😨

Guess it's time to check violet evergarden...

@jude.villarta you should join this thingy

try ko lang hahah

Excellent to see how the community continues with these initiatives to increase participation within the community. Greetings!

Congratulations on being the first to accomplish the tasks :D

Thank you!!! It was fun doing the quest! Looking forward for the next one. :)

Amazing!! Congratulations 🥳

Thank you very much. 😍


Congratulations 🎉
7 days ago...
You were quick🤣

ahaha.. thanks!!
I tried to organize my schedule for the quest... (I like quests!!!)
Then after, I couldn't update my blog until yesterday. hahaha Busy life... xD


This is.perfect.and I got to watch two anime that I was hoping to give.more.time to watch.

I'm not a fan of romamce anime, but I think it's time to write about a specific anime and of course, keep up with supporting other users in the community.

This is an excellent initiative that will surely make the community grow in content.

Wow, This is excellent, I love it. I guess I'll have to plan the days of writing posts very well. @ibet, here's another contest, you can join.

This contest is very interesting! I'll see if I can join in, you should join in!

I'm so thrilled,

Sure, I'll also join in.

I agree this mission is very cool, like all good anime Isekai RPG quests is important haha, without realizing I almost have all hahaha

Yaaay!!! You did it!!! Congratulations on finishing the quest! 👏🙌🎉

Thank you very much. I'm so happy 😊.

Let's enjoy next month, too! 😎✌️

To be honest, I really, really enjoyed this. I'm hoping next month will be better 😊.

@theanimerealm , this contest is actually interesting and which I really enjoyed. Thank you for bringing such a long contest and to be able to make people be active and participate in the community. More of this please 😊.

I hope so, too! :D