Updates for January

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Ask Anime Week #1:

While awaiting for the conclusion of the Ask Anime Week #1, we're asking for a little patience in advance for the results considering that the cut off time for the contest is during post payout and we'll still need to sift through your comments.

Reminders: The contest is more on promoting engagement and less about what you're favorite song is about. I think we are entitled to hold our favorite songs on high regard even if it's not everyone's cup of tea. So at least rest assured that song preference of the admin isn't a deciding factor here. We're trying to do this on a weekly basis, so there's still plenty of chances in the future. This isn't the only contest planned out.

Let's Make an Anime Review Archive on Hive

You those anime review posts you've been sharing on this community page and other places on Hive? Why not make a general post that contains links to those anime reviews.


  1. To show Hive has actual users that are anime enthusiasts.
  2. Have a record of what's been previously posted and by whom. If no one ever made an anime review about this show before, maybe this will convince you to write about it.
  3. It's a long term community quest to get an entire A-Z table of contents but let's have fun filling it in.
  4. There's no promise of rewards for participating but there is some bragging rights if you were a prolific creator and had most of the English Alphabet filled with your reviews.
  5. If people aren't familiar with the show, at least they can have your post as a reference.

Multiple reviews on the same shows are fine. And in the event this account is compromised. The post will still exist on the blockchain should anyone else decides to rebuild or continue the project.