[Tutorial] EOSio Docker build and Image

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Block One has decided to discontinue their Docker image support, I am sure they have a good reason but because I find Docker such a simple tool to get your eosio infrastructure up and ready in minutes I decided to do my own build and upload it to Docker-Hub.

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Here are the instructions to build your own image from my Dockerfile or just download the image directly to get an EOSio node and/or cleos tool available in minutes.

Docker build for EOSio (Takes around 30min to 1 hour)

Github: https://github.com/PixelNoob/EOSio-Docker


git clone https://github.com/PixelNoob/EOSio-Docker
cd EOSio-Docker
docker build -t eosio:latest .


docker run -d -it --name eosio eosio:latest bin/bash

Cleos Reference

alias cleos='docker exec -it eosio /root/eosio/eos/build/programs/cleos/cleos -u https://api.eosargentina.io'
cleos get info

Docker Hub Image (1.63Gb download)

A compiled version is available on Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/pixelnoob/eosio, just pull the image from Docker Hub and start the docker with the instructions above. This option is usually faster if you have a good internet connection or working from the server.

docker pull pixelnoob/eosio:v2.0.5

And thats it, you have your EOSio docker set up and ready to go!



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Looks a great thing definitely something to try thanks for sharing the link

Nice post and very important information to all hivers 👌

Great info and EOS is one of my greatest projects that I follow. I wonder if there could be a Docker image for a HIVE witness node.

Do you know of any or any tutorial how to install one?

Very interesting informasi, thanks you for sharing 👍

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