[Uunusual Alien] Abstract art from a simple photo

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Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you a concept of the optical illusion genre but making changes by exaggerating the characteristics of an image.

Here you are following me, you have already noticed my image manipulation like:

Today, I use a banal photo (having a minimum of resemblance to something familiar) then I enrich it to bring out an expression.



The idea in this "essay" is to transform a banal image into an extraterrestrial character .

For that I rely on a photo which I took with like image something which already has a family form.

Then I try to bring out expression lines by playing with shadows and colors.

as tools I use the Gimp software for photo editing, because it is free (free) and it has many filters to give texture effects, etc ...

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I use an object that has a familiar shape, and I try to accentuate an expression by playing with shadows and colors

draft: here another try...play with the color palette to bring out familiar features




Raw material for inspiration, an already familiar shape

To do this work I used a flower, the Hypericum calycinum Flower

This is the type of flower used (well looked behind her)faded...

Hypericum calycinum Flower ( all photography original by @a-l-e-x )


Making off

I counted about twenty steps to achieve this image, if you are interested I will post all my screenshots, let me know in the comments.

stage 1stage 6stage 12...




Thanks for viewing, I hope you enjoyed it, feel free to give me a comment


See you soon,


This is innovative, I never thought of doing such a thing. And it looks awesome too 👌

Hello @lavista,
Thank you for your comment ! it's always very encouraging :)

It truly looks fantastic. Well done. It's like some kind of alien fairy..

Hello @astrohive, thanks for the comment I really appreciate it!

indeed, with the pillous effect one could imagine a fairy. in this abstract I let everyone find their ideological representation ...

I'm looking forward to seeing you again !

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This is some cool stuff! I love how you took an interesting flower picture and transformed it that much. It almost looks like a boss from final fantasy 7 lol

Thanks @cmplxty! I am flattered :)

Yay! 🤗
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