Piloslib-multi-platform open-source library of audio and modulation tools

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Releasing Piloslib, a multi-platform open-source set of audio and modulation tools I built in Pure Data starting in 2014
Download: https://github.com/akunull/piloslib

Longer demo:


Multi-platform open-source set of audio and modulation tools that focus on synthesis, live electronic music, interconnection, probability, unique sounds, and intuitive interfacing built by Akunull in Pure Data starting in 2014.


Pure Data

Recommended skills:

Basic Pure Data
Basic electronic music concepts

Getting Started:

See intro.pd in root folder or watch the intro video. You must have the objects in plate.pd to use the library.

What is in the library:

Vanilla only patches without expr(~) editable in pd

Syntactic sugar to make Pure Data programming more efficient

Several ways to make complex rhythms and a global clock to guide it

A save and load system with preset management

A way to handle per voice modulation for synthesizers

Unique modulators for control

Tools for generative design

Model-(View)-Controller programming architecture

An assortment of synths and audio effects capable of some classic sounds and many strange ones

Ideas behind the library:

Readable, encapsulated code with intuitive interfacing and ease of use in mind

Simple code, commenting, and intro tutorial instead of help files

Portability through naming conventions and no externals


rhine-2 osc synth with 2 filters and mhx modulation system

sentinel-2 osc synth with variable pole lp/bp filter and mhx modulation system

imp-2 osc synth with a lot of linkage to exponential envelopes and mqu modulation system. Built around synthesizing drums

ajah-3 osc synth with fm interconnection between them and mhx modulation system

osciano-Simplest synth, one oscillator

nbd-Simple bass drum synth

rhibd-Simple bass drum synth with complex per voice modulation (mhx)

rewbd-Bass drum synth with more saturation options

ncym-Simple cymbal synth

nhh-Simple hi-hat synth

nsn-Simple snare synth

Audio Effects:

asym_tanh-Asymmetry and tanh(x) for non-linear compression, distortion, tape-like saturation

bellmid_3band-3 band eq with tanh(x) (non-linear compressor) with the middle channel also including the low and high

eq_3band-3 band eq

eq_3band_tanh-3 band eq with tanh(x) (non-linear compressor) on each band

bit_red-Bit reduction

bp_mix-bandpass filter with dry/wet mixing controls

lop_mix-lowpass filter with dry/wet mixing controls

hip_mix-hipass filter with dry/wet mixing controls

vcf_mix-vcf~ (bandpass filter) with with dry/wet mixing controls

vcf_np-vcf~ (bandpass filter) with variable amount of poles

vcf_npnp-vcf~ ("voltage controlled" filter) with variable amount of poles and variable "low-pass" or band-pass

formant_filter-Formant (vowel) filter with 5 formants

formant_filter_3v-Formant (vowel) filter with 3 formants

delay_extfb-Delay with external feedback so you can customize the delay line

delay_ms-Simple delay

delay_ms_pitch-Simple delay with pitch shifting in the feedback loop

pitch_shift-Pitch shift via phase vocoding


retrig-Retrigger/stutter/buffer/beat repeat

retrig_ij-Retrigger with multiple rates inspired by Instajungle

tanhx-Tanh(x), a non-linear compressor capable of emulating a lot of saturation and distortion

vverb-Reverb via freeverb algorithm

Latest version: https://github.com/akunull/piloslib



This is super awesome and pretty epic! This will be super fun to play around with.

Thank you! Appreciate the interest