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(thumbnail art made using DALL-E + outpainting tool 😉)

Hello aliens, this is a quick update on our community rules, specifically regarding AI ART. If you post AI generated art in this community please take a moment to read this post!

I'm sure you are all aware that AI art has exploded in popularity over the last year and the tech has increased exponentially which has caused a lot of controversy. In the past it was usually quite easy to tell what was made by AI and what was "human made" but programs like DALL-E, Stable Diffusion etc. are blurring the line.

We have always explicitly allowed AI generated art to be posted in this community as we believe it is an incredible new tool for artists to explore and integrate into their process. This stance hasn't changed at all but due to the increasingly blurry lines we think it is fair to request transparency. Many curators on HIVE have expressed frustration with not being able to tell how art is made and may cause them to skip a post entirely if they aren't sure.

Alien Art Hivers are a lovely bunch and most of you are already transparent so this hasn't been a big issue to date 👽❤️ None the less we felt it was time to add some clarity and guidance on the topic.

TLDR: If you are posting AI art to this community we recommend making it clear in either the text or title of the post, especially if you are hoping to be included in our community curations. We will not be punishing artists that don't follow this rule, they are just less likely to be curated. The only exception to this would be outright deception, i.e saying the art is 100% hand painted when it is in fact 100% AI art, this will get you muted

If you have any questions or thoughts let us know in the comments!

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Thank you very much for the information. Best regards.👽

Good update!

I have not yet broken that rule to my knowledge.

Mine might have been assisted in that respect but they were primarily human creation.

fair policy :)

I think this is a fair rule

I'm just reading this and believe it is exceptionally fair. As a creator of AI art, in all my posts, I specifically mention what type of art I'm presenting with my short story (if applicable). I believe this is only fair.

I also list the site I used to create the art, together with the processes. Anyone can use my settings at the particular site to duplicate the text description I include and tailor it to their own image. I'd love to see inspired by.

Some images are create instantly with enough text description. Others may go through an actual process.

Thanks for updating your rules on the application. I appreciate it.

Take care.