Thanks for the support 💜

Happy to see my art among all these amazing arts.

This round i identify with @mandragora88 ' artwork Lemuria. Looks like we are in tune within Mythical worlds.

I'm starting a new collection named Mundo Astrais, meaning astral worlds in Portuguese.

Just released one more artwork from this collection, named Shamballa.

Hope you like it too and will start my job creating next one.

Estão incríveis! 👏

 4 months ago  


Thank a lot my dear Aliens 👽👽👽
Incredible compilation🥰🥰

 4 months ago  

Thanks yanes!

Hello @alienarthive. Thanks so much for highlighting my mixed media art projects. I appreciate it and the support of the Community.

Congratulations to all other authors and artists whose projects are showcases in this Incubation report.

Take care everyone.

Good choice! I have voted for many. I'm in too, I feel honoured.

 4 months ago  


Dope compilation, thank you so much for the support 💜

 4 months ago  

Thanks for making such awesome art!

Thank you so much @alienarthive , thank you for the great support you always give me, I am so happy to be here!❤️

Thank you very much for the mention 😀

 4 months ago  

Our pleasure :)

Thank you - I´m glad being back on earth 🖤

 4 months ago  

No! You've been abducted!

Thanks for the abduction!! I’m quite pleased with my new home in the hive

 4 months ago  

Thanks for joining us, I think you'll fit in well here :)

Thank you very much for your support, so many talented artists!!! 😊, thank you for highlighting and publishing our works.❤️

 4 months ago  


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wow, your art is so amazing I love it.