Cosmic Creations Edition #9 is LIVE: Create a book cover

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Hello Aliens, welcome to another round of our new community contest: Cosmic Creations! Each round we will give a theme and you will have two weeks to create and enter your art. Judging will be completed and announced the following week and we will begin again with a new theme.

This week's theme: Create a book cover

For this challenge you will create a book cover! It can be a remake or re-interpretation of a cover you love or a cover for an entirely fictional book. Feel free to use any style or medium, and tell us a bit about the book and your process :)

How to enter

  • Create art related to the above theme

  • Make a post about it in Alien Art Hive

  • Include the words Cosmic Creations in the title so they are easy to identify in the feed

  • Please try to include some process images and discuss the techniques used in your creation

  • Drop a link to your entry post the comments below

  • The deadline is December 4th Midnight EST

  • Optional: Tweet your entry and tag @alienarthive so we can share

Prize structure

  • OCD is now supporting this contest! There will be a total of 3 winners each round who will be awarded HIVE via the beneficiaries of the winner announcement ❤️

  • The beneficiaries of this post are set to distribute to the judges from the last round.

For all of the updates you need to stay up to speed on everything happening across the interwebs and on Hive, follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on pinned posts for announcements.




Hello @juliakponsford. Shouldn't this be Contest #9. The one for Contest 8 was the "Inspired by Nature" we just completed.

Yeah I noticed that, it's will be corrected

I love the idea, it's very original and I already have ideas in my head, I would love to participate!!! Thank you very much, these events are very motivating!

Many greetings to the whole community!❤️

great initiative

I think I'm going to dare to do something in line with this great community!

Here's my entry link.. Thank you!

[COSMIC CREATIONS EDITION #9.. My sketch for the book cover contest:- The last obstacle..](

Uploading image #1...

I am pleased to leave my participation here, I enjoyed very much making this work, thank you very much @alienarthive.

Portal de magia blanca final.jpg

Hello @alienarthive. I leave here the link to my entry for Cosmic Creations Contest #9 - Book Cover:


Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Here is my entry for the creation contest.
Thank you.


Oh wow! I hope I can make my entry for this contest!!!!

"... entirely fictional book"... meaning I can make a book title of my own, right?

I have added my entry to this fine contest and establishment.

Thank you!

Wow that's Nice

My entry! :)
Synchronicity played an important role in this creation!

Hello, @alienarthive and @ocd this my entry for Cosmic Creations #9, Book Cover :

Thank you all☺

Hola que tal? saludos a todos espero estén bien, aquí les dejo mi post para esta edición, éxito a los participantes.