WINNERS of Cosmic Creations challenge 👽 Theme: Inspired by Nature

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Authored by @juliakponsford

Thank you to all the amazing aliens who created art for this round of Cosmic Creations <3 We received a ton of entries and it was very difficult to choose a top 3!

The theme of the contest was Inspired by Nature.

For this round the judges were @ezuntimmy, @wlffreitas and @juliakponsford we looked at aesthetics, originality/creativity and execution to determine our favorites.

Without further ado, here are our top 3!

First place: @acidmince

Blog post:

Second place: @artbymila

Blog post:

Third place: @emja

Blog post:

  • Beneficiaries of this post are evenly split between the three winners!

Once again thank you all for creating with us 👽

We will be announcing the next round on Monday so stay tuned!


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Congrats to the winners

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Congrats to the winners of this edition of the cosmic creation. There were lot of entries then the last edition with is great, you are all winner whether your name was listed or not. it was difficult to picking winners when you all are amazing. I look forward to see what the next edition bring. Thank you all for your participation.

Thank you so so so much! I put a lot of effort into this and I’m glad it payed off :) congratulations as well to @artbymila and @emja and also everybody who entered and who makes dope art. The real reward is always the act of creation. Don’t mean to turn this into and acceptance speech but I’m pretty chuffed. Cheers all ❤️

Congratulations to @acidmince @artbymila and @emja for your wins in the November Cosmic Creations - Inspired by Nature Contest. Interesting projects you shared.

It was good to see the abundance of participation this month. It seems numerous Aliens were inspired by nature.

Also I thank and appreciate the judges for this round @ezuntimmy, @wlffreitas and @juliakponsford who had a difficult job deciding on the finalists.

Take care everyone and have a good start to your weekend.

Yoyooooo i been missing many weeks on here!!

Hopefully Will be sharing Graffiti & Characters with u soon!!

gratz to winners ❤️
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Cool we start a new round Monday!

Thank you very much😍💚💚
Congratulations to the winners🌟🎉 💚

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Thanks for participating and congrats!

Wow! Awesome works!

I hope I can join the next round!

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Please do!

congratulations to all winner