Bloody Eyes ^^

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Hiii everyone~~ ^^
Recently, I’m working on creating some original characters and this is one the pieces I was working on.
First I started with a fast sketch. At first I didn’t have a definite idea of how I want it to turn out so I just began playing with colors .. I colored the base layer a light skin color then started the shading . The skin was so pale so I thought of drawing her like a ghost so I gave her a white eye color and coloring the area around her eyes red. I worked on it a bit more and used more light red colors.
I liked the progress of her hair. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to be. The hair progress was easy first I determined where the hair should be with black color then I shaded and added the strings with a light brush.
Hope you found it interesting and liked the progress ^^
So now let’s see the progress pics~



I'm looking forward to seeing your original characters! This seems like you are already off to a great start!

Oh thank you~~ 😍 yeah I’m just trying my best ~ ^^

This is excellent. Were you think of a particular emotion when you were drawing? Perhaps she was tired and needed some sleep. Maybe she had been crying or had too much to drink :)

Thank you so much~ ^^ yeah I wanted to show sadness in her eyes as she’s been crying all night…

Ah, that's what I thought. Great job!

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How cool, I am fascinated by this work!😍

Thank you~ 😍😍😍