Reach out to the ghost II

I did some tweaks to this work and tokenized it in @nftshowroom. It's part of a series that I have surely talked about in another post. They are all self-portraits and the common theme is to lose the fear of death and the things that scare us, because we don't understand them. The fact that they are self-portraits is very interesting because it has a lot to do with self-knowledge, understanding how the mind works, that the physical body is temporary, that there is a soul, other lives, other worlds, other realities, it makes us understand a little all this mystery that is life.

Reach out to the ghostII.jpg

Total Edition(s): 5
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These work is available at @nftshowroom:

Here the complete series. There are double versions because I usually find details to improve or touch up the tones a bit, or the light,.. little things that maybe don't make a difference ... or maybe does...


Bárbara Bezina ♥

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I love your works. I think the light is beautiful in each one of them, and the effects you use create a very special atmosphere for the theme in this series.

Gracias Alejandra! Tus trabajos también me gustan :)) Podemos hacer algo juntas algún día, sería divertido. Saludos pa' tí!

😃 Morí de Alegría! jajaja
Quedamos pendientes para lo que sea.

:)) Dale. Si se te ocurre algo me decís. Yo no soy de planificar asi que estaría bueno tener algo para empezar...

Nice works:)

Interesting! There is something eerie in this one, making it intriguing to watch