Once again, we ask why is our legit content being downvoted on Hive and what is the reason behind it. Hivewatchers ADM spaminator steemcleaners guiltyparties logic

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Hello, once again, we ask why is our legit content being downvoted on Hive and what is the reason behind it. We have asked many times, but no one speaks up. Instead, the downvotes come in what the fuck is Hive. How the fuck can Hive be decentralized when it's clear as day who has control of Hive? It's so fucking stupid to think Hive can grow like this do you think it can grow?.

We are sorry to say Hive is slowly fading as new, better, and more decentralized crypto blogging places are popping up on many different Blockchains. Downvotes are being used wrongly on Hive, and downvotes are killing Hive. The ones doing the downvotes farm Hive with friends, the same way they downvote with friends.

On Hive blatant scams are being promoted by the top people on Hive. It's all about greed and power.

  • How can there be corrupt police policing Hive? Big changes are needed on Hive; otherwise, Hive is finished. It's just a matter of time.
  • They say no one owns Hive, but many names are involved, and they are all quite public. - As we have said all along, we will not run; we will keep a record of all wrongdoings that happen on Hive.
  • Downvoting the truth does nothing but prove us right. As we have said, it will be the people that look bad in the end, as many trusted you, but you have lied to everyone.
  • Those in control of Hive ask people not to do certain things, and yet they do worse themselves. They ask the poor to promote Hive as something great when many know the truth.
  • Hive will end badly if nothing changes, as transactions don't lie; people do.

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I was put on the Spaminator list. My sin was that a I made a legitimate criticism of a project by a whale.

The funny thing is that the whale ended up implementing the suggestion that I made in my post.

I curate but don't post.

My upvote won't help your post. Do they downvote pizza?


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