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Hello and Welcome to a new Episode of my Splinterlands Fanart Series.


Today we will take a closer look at "Doctor Blight"


The Lore:

"...“Shaking and barely in control of his own body, the doctor hurriedly rummaged for something to hide his glowing, green veins. From his studies in botany, he knew what this particular shade of green often signified. A sickness or poison. A danger. A blight. He grabbed a long, black coat and gloves..”"
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The Card:

Doctor Blight was introduced as a pre-sale Reward for the Chaos Legion packs back in 2021.
With his 5 abilities for the cost of only 4 mana, this card is still very strong today!


Level 1:
Affliction: When a Monster with Affliction hits a target, it has a 50% chance of applying Affliction on the target making it un-healable.

Slow: Reduces the Speed of all enemy Monsters by 1. Minimum speed is 1.

Level 2:
Poison: Attacks have a chance (50%) to apply poison. This does 2 damage each end of the turn and is not affected by shield or void.

Level 3:
Scavenger: Gains 1 max health each time any monster dies.

Level 4:
Weaken: Reduces the Health of all enemy Monsters by 1.

The Art Style:

With his raven mask, the black coat and gloves Doctor Blight's character design is strongly based on the plague medicals of the Middle Ages that wear this masks to protect the themselves from disease.

...Now let`s jump to work!

I want try to incorporate every detail of his original character design into a fanart in my style.

Lets take a look at the Illustration Process:


The first sketch i do is always very rough. It is only a guideline for me what shape and proportions my illustration will have.

In the second step i work on a clean sketch with some more details. This two steps makes it easy to finish a clean and detailed lineart.

Now it's time for adding the shadows in a new painting layer. First working on big shapes then working on smaller ones and blend them all together.

At this point i start painting the background as a frame for the character design.

Now its time to add the colour pallet in another layer.
At last step the very important highlights and effects are added and everything is polished with much care about details.

Here is my interpretation of the "Doctor Blight"

Splinterlands Art Contest

This Fanart i my entry for the Splinterlands Art Contest
The Deadline for submissions is Saturday, at 5:00 PM CST.


•All painting work was done on Ipad with Procreate.
•Video editing done with Luma Fusion

Watch the full drawing process on YouTube:

I recently started uploading videos on YouTube. If you enjoy them, I would greatly appreciate any kind of feedback over there 🙏


Until next time!

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100 % Orginal works


100 % Effort and Passion !


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Damn your version looks amazing!

Thank you i really appreciate your feedback! 🫠

Superrrr cool 😎 ☠

I'm glad you like it 🙂


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Your art work is beautiful and your post well arranged nice work