Leviathan's Awakening - Splinterlands Art Series

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Hello and Welcome to a new Episode of my Splinterlands Fanart Series.


Today we will take a closer look at "Possibilus the Wise"


The Lore:

Possibilus the Wise is a leviathan from the future that has adapted to rule on both land and sea. His mission is to find and secure the lost sacred rune tablets of his race...When the Chaos Legion opened its rift, many of the fragments were cast through the dimensions and scattered across the Splinterlands...
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The Card:

Possibilus the Bright is a legendary summoner card from the Chaos Legion set.
Because the Trample and Reach ability only affects melee monsters, this card benefit greatly focus on the melee monsters.
Also the +2 health gives the water monsters more durabilit.

The Art Style:

The Chaos Legion Set isn't my favorite set in terms of the artstyle but i think this water dragon is really well done by the artist. The membrane on his limbs and head
fit the character design very well.


Now let`s jump to work and do a fanart in my style.

Lets take a look at the Illustration Process:


The first sketch i do is always very rough. It is only a guideline for me what shape and proportions my illustration will have.

In the second step i work on a clean sketch with some more details. This two steps makes it easy to finish a clean and detailed lineart.

I start filling in time the colour pallet in a new layer.

Now it's time for adding the shadows in a new painting layer. First working on big shapes then working on smaller ones and blend them all together.

At this point i start painting the background as a frame for the character design.

At last step the very important highlights and effects are added and everything is polished with much care about details.


Here is my interpretation of the "Possibilus the Wise"

Splinterlands Art Contest

This Fanart i my entry for the Splinterlands Art Contest
The Deadline for submissions is Saturday, at 5:00 PM CST.


•All painting work was done on Ipad with Procreate.
•Video editing done with Luma Fusion

Watch the full drawing process on YouTube:

I recently started uploading videos on YouTube. If you enjoy them, I would greatly appreciate any kind of feedback over there 🙏

Until next time!

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Woow thank you @alienarthive , @eve66 for this honor! I'm not on X bit i really appreciate your shout-out!

Wow this is fire~!!


Thanks mate i appreciate your feedback!🙏

I love dragons 😏😏😏 great representation

I loved it

Yeah me too, when drawing dragons, you can really let your creativity run wild 😜

yeahhhhh its true ahaha sooo frrrrreeeeee

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