Daily watercolor [0005]. Contest with 3 Hive Rewards.

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Hello fellow, Alien artists!


"Koval Ivy gourd"


I am Dany and above you can see our new participant and a day 4 winner. It is a great drawing of an Ivy gourd, small 3inch cucumber like veggie plant.

Our second winner is the most regular participant @claucor20 with a light blue landscape. You should not call yourself amateur, it is not who you are, but how much effort, energy, desire and love you wanna put in your work :)


"Mi acuarela de hoy. Remember that I am an amateur. "


And our third winner is... ME..., with a quick photoshop edit of @claucor20's drawing ispired by @manoldochev's last time inverted drawing. Here is what I did with it:


"The stolen mars lanscape"


This contest is still free hive for just making some fun time with watercolors. We should draw and inspire more people to draw with watercolors


I keep looking for all the Watercolor loving painters, who want to share their art. I am having hard time growing my follower base, but with this and some more interesting projects, I am going to help myself and in the process bring value others too. It is a Win-Win situation.

I am going to share one original and unpublished watercolor/aquarelle drawing every day here on Hive and on my Instagram and Twitter accounts.



Also I am bringing a small(for now) daily competition and we are on day 4.

Your task is to share one original and unpublished watercolor painting made by you.

  • You can make a post and share the link or just add the artwork in the comments. If it is a post, make sure its not more than 24 hour old.
  • Every day I will chose one three winners, each of them will get 1 Hive 3 Hive for the one I like most and 1 Hive for 2 more entries. Yes, I know it is a small price, but I like to start small and grow. I took the decision to have 3 winners and increase the first prize to 3 Hive, thanks to the generous vote by the good whales @theycallmedan, @acidyo and @ocdb community
  • Keep participating and the prizes will grow!
  • Make sure more people know about this contest, this will make prices bigger too!
  • I will preferably chose paintings that are drawn especially for this contest.

If you like the Idea and wanna support me - just follow me @brutalisti and on my Instagram and Twitter


My daily watercolor

My daily piece is a girl painting that gives me Marilyn Monroe feeling


Just like the most of the non-digital art of @brutalisti it is drawn by Poly.


The winners

As you saw our winners are @mohanraj and @claucor20. A new one and a regular participant. I chose @mohanraj 's drawing to get 3 Hive and @claucor20 get 1 Hve. I will soon tranfer the prizes.

**For the others: **Be brave, take the brushes out, take a glass of water and a piece of paper and make something crazy.


Watercolor advice.

Try editing your drawing in photoshop or similar software. It is a lot of fun!

Good luck and have fun drawing!


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Today's painting 🎨👍

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 57 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hey @brutalisti, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

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Thank you 😊
I can't participate everyday.. but will try to atleast twice a week 👍

It is cool! Will be happy if you can bring fellow artist, to make the prize challenge more interesting :)

Sure will try

Thank you🙂

Mi pintura de hoy.

Today I dare to participate with a watercolor drawing of my cat!

Link to my post