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RE: The Pursuit of Beauty

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Dear AG,
I've been coming back since days to browse through my hive feed and find one of your great posts that I miss so much on the Steem. Wow! You've put so much effort into it again and it shows the joy you get out of blogging and researching. I wish so much that this behaviour would appear again sometime in the future with more than one user. Well, probably just a nice dream.

It is highly interesting but also frightening what mankind does for its "beauty".
I have two toes grown together (only the skin, the mobility of bones and joints is not affected). The doctors wanted to cut the skin from me as a newborn, but my mother did not allow it. Lucky me! By the way, I was never annoyed for this (as the doctors argued), quite the contrary: I can remember at least two spontaneous conversations in the swimming gym during my childhood. One girl also had such "webbed feet" - we thought we were cool, extraordinary and... beautiful... ;-)

Very warm regards from autumnal Northern Germany,
your friend Chriddi


Hello Chriddi,
Thank you for the very welcome visit, and for seeing the joy I get from writing. It's not just 'writing--it's the sense that I might actually be saying something of worth, to at least one person.

I read your comment as I was about to go to sleep last night...gave my iPad a final glance before I was willing to let the day retire. What nice sentiments to have in my head at that moment.

We humans are fragile, aren't we? I think this scramble for perceived beauty is tied to our social nature. The need to belong, to seek approval, to be high on the social hierarchy.

I love the idea of your toes, and I love your wise parents. Silly doctor. Same kind of mentality that forces parents to mutilate an infant's genitalia because it does not fit exactly into the customary defintion of male or female. Of course, your toe surgery would not have as dramatic, but who knows how that would have worked out. And, what a profound violation of your person that would have been.

Enjoy the preserved produce (yes I've stopped at your blog) and the remaining days of autumn. It is the time of year when I think we want to hold onto moments because we are reminded by nature that time is slipping away.

Your friend from across the sea,