A pastel levity

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A pastel levity
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| .digital kaleidoscope art. |
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A pastel levity

A pastel levity settles down
over the dense city ground;
it gathers about my crown
and scatters sans sound.

Where the light touches, forms turn comic:
suffused by new neon — with flushèd complexion
dissolves the sharp swagger: playacting barbaric
unsheathèd by levity's lyrical lexicon.

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original art and poetry by Daniel Pendergraft
created for Hive on June 2, 2020.

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So beautiful and peaceful - both the poem and the images.
Would definitely be one to read aloud...

 last month 

The images are so bright and cheery, something we really need right now <3

It is a nice poem although I find it difficult to observe the images well without glasses. It is very resplendent. But it is still a very nice article.

Thanks Sara. You can right click the images to display them bigger in their own tab, if you want :-) Have a great day!