Imaginarium p7-10 : Comic novel drawed with AI tools.

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Processing Note:

For this episode, i mainly used dall-e mini, to create init pictures that i filtered via the Improved Multi-Perceptor VQGAN + CLIP (v.4.2022.05.05) by to get denoised and colorful pictures. I find mini dall-e very interesting for the stylization of artist styles. Demo and colab gives only low resolution pictures, but with a lot coherence against the prompt. VQGAN is bringing the fine tuning in colors and some uncomparable creativity that i need to keep the dreamstate.

Our main character in the following pages is Julia. She has the ability to invoke some VQGAN prompt to influence the latent space she is exploring.

In this follow-up Julia is entering an oniric metaverse with talking roses guiding her into an imaginary venitian shaped universe that would be drawed by Moebius and Syd Mead. Shadows of Ronsard and Saint Exupery are haunting her emotional travel.

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