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Hello friends!

I'm back again today 😁

how are you today?

I hope you all are happy and blessed by God in all your activities today☺

Today I am posting again, this time a work inspired by the figure of Venom in the Spiderman film who is Spiderman's mortal enemy.

Tells about an alien from the deep sea who resembles a large monster with a muscular body and 6 arms.

This monster rose to the surface because its prey began to run out due to pollution and pollution of the oceans by humans.

And because humans eliminate their prey, to pay for this, these monster aliens make humans their prey targets.

Now humans have a match as an apex predator, but with the advantage of being smarter and stronger than the human race, and will humans survive this time?

I hope you like my content this time, and thank you for supporting me in this community.

Tools I use:
Windows 7 computer, Wacom Cintiq 13HD and Clip Studio Paint.

Stages from Sketching to Coloring:

Final rendering result:

Thank you for visiting my blog this time.

And until we meet again, take care of your health, friends.


Lovely work.

Thank you☺

This is a striking illustration with a great sense of motion.


Thank you, yes, even though my illustration uses line art, I want the movement to comply with the laws of physics so that it looks real ☺ thank you for your assessment

Classic DBZ flying pose hehe.

Yeahh true ha.ha.ha.😄

Damn goodd...


Thank you bro😁

I also finished my draw Bro 😊, you are really cool!!

Thank you guys, yes we have to finish what we started😁


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Wow, this is by far my favorite artwork of yours! Well done.


Thank you like my artwork😙☺🙏

Wohoo!! this is so cool and detailed💞

Wow..thank you very much😁☺