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Hello friends!

Back with me again today, how are you?

I hope you are happy and blessed by God in all activities in your life.

Today I'm posting again, this time I made fan art from SPAWN, maybe many here already know this fictional character.

I won't explain who SPAWN is because this post would be too long 😁 you can search via Google😁, so I will only explain the process of making my fanart.

I think this work is my masterpiece, because when I saw the line art this time I was quite intentional, and in my eyes it looked good line art😊.

And this time I enjoyed the process so much that I spent 8 hours on this work😄.

This time I described SPAWN in the form of SPAWN which becomes an evil zombie.

I hope you like my content this time, and thank you for supporting me in this community.

Tools I use:
Windows 7 computer, Wacom Cintiq 13HD and Clip Studio Paint.

Stages from Sketching to Coloring:

For the chain I used a brush from Clip Studio Paint with a little touch to make it look like a real chain, I didn't make the chain manually because I'm not very patient ha..ha.😂:

Final rendering result:

Thank you for visiting my blog this time.

And until we meet again, take care of your health, friends.



Yes, Yes, I also favorite it, and it's one of the good comics that isn't from DC or Marvel ha.ha.ha, Thank you bro😁

Wow! Very cool.

Thank you😁

Fantastic work @deddywox

Thank you very much friend ☺

another cool artwork bro! 😍

Thank you this is masterpiece for me, i very like it this work😊

One of my favourite antiheroes, your illustration is too brutal!!

Thank you bro😁

Thank you for support @eve66