Star skimming: The first image of Epsilon Eridani

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The mining of Sol for rare elements through the process of star skimming enabled the discovery of translight travel and the beginning of humanity's journey to the stars. This image, the first taken by a ship skimming a star other than Sol, shows the (United Earth Explorer) Hero's view of Epsilon Eridani as it prepares to stardive and replenish its fuel for the jump back to the Sol system.

This image is stored in the UE archives at Ref:


Thanks always and again to the awesomest talented @ryivhnn for my very own Wombat footer! May all beings be as happy as these wombats!


This looks like it could be a Hubble telescope close-up. Great job giving that real feel of a star.

Haha thanks! I really appreciate the feedback!

You are most welcome! =)