Xeno Kitty

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Evidence of long extinct xeno species, found by an exploratory team on the dead planet WGR188, has been found in the form of a crude image painted on a rock surface in a cave.

WGR188 wanders the empty space towards galactic core from Alpha Cassiopeiae. It is unknown where in the galaxy WGR188 originated, the reason why it left the gravitational well of its star system, or how many eons it has traversed the empty reaches of space.

There has been no further evidence of either the xeno species, nor any other life forms, discovered to date. However given the significance of the find the Cluster Museum of Xenocontacts is funding a long-term archaeological mission to WGR188.

The scant evidence collected so far is housed in the Cluster Institutional Museum of Xenocontacts in Centauri A. See:



Thanks again and again to the awesomest talented @ryivhnn for my very own Wombat footer!

May all beings, like these wombats, be happy!


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Thanks - it's definitely a big part of the fun!