Aemile-kh X Elgeko - online art session

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Here are the results from our latest onlineart session at NFTShowroom

Aemile-kh X Elgeko
Here are the results.

The artworks and elements from Aemile were an interesting challenge for me. the quite unique archaic style was split into several layers and backgrounds contain rotoscope painted patterns, whereby the paint brushes were made from Aemile´s elements. the final results "school of fish" and "hungry amoebaes" were minted yesterday.

Big shout out to @aemile-kh for his creative input and participation.
Big thank you to @juliakponsford for her constant creative support and participation.

hungry amoebes


high res NFT here

and here is the the second piece

school of fish


high res NFT available here





These are really trippy!!!


You deserve a slice of !PIZZA 🍕

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Once again, thanks for your support!

These turned out really awesome! Y'all always make some incredible art.

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very cool man. glad to see you still making work. i remember you from steemspeak discord. how is it going? what happened to that discord? what happened to that angry viking guy?