Splinterlands Fan-Art " River Nymph "

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🍑 River Nypmph 🍑

How are you everyone, its your boy again Eustace-kidd here to bring another @splinterlands fan-art. This time I created a fan-art of the River Nymph a beautiful and useful card as well. Hope you will like this version, below is the process on how this piece created by me.

paint 13 FIN.jpg


  • The Sketch

Line-art inspired from the arts of @deddywox , thank you for the tips sir 😌.

paint 13 00.jpgpaint 13 01.jpg
  • Adding Base Colors
paint 13 02.jpgpaint 13 04.jpg
  • Blending the Elements and Adding more Details
paint 13 05.jpgpaint 13 06.jpgpaint 13 07.jpg
  • Adding the background and Logos.
paint 13 08.jpgpaint 13 EFFEC.jpgpaint 13 FIN.jpg



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good luck bro☺

Thank U Sir, to you too. 😊

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