Baby kikimora💚 My Character Drawing

In Slavic mythology, there was a belief that bad creatures live on the swamp - "Kikimors." These vicious women looked ugly and had a heavily slouched back. Although, there was an opinion that kikimora can appear in any appearance, including a beautiful young girl. But her skin and long hair always had a greenish tint.
There are various guesses and fictions about the origin of these creatures. It was believed that the Kikimors are children who died before baptism. In addition, these ugly creatures became children who were not born as a result of miscarriage or termination of pregnancy.

My Character Drawing

The main task of the swamp inhabitant was to lure children to an impassable mire. Kikimors did not refuse adults either. Kikimors were often able to steal babies by putting their children in their place or log.


This is exactly what my today's art is dedicated to. Instead of a cute pink-cheeked toddler, you might find a very strange tot with an unhealthy skin tone, preferring raw fish over mother's milk for breakfast.

Work Process:

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Thank you for your attention! 💚


What a cute baby is disturbingly eating a fish.

Wait the baby is eating raw fish what the fuck?

Wow looks like you want to send people to a psychologist. 😆😆😆😆

Nice horror style art 😱.

hehe, thank you so much 😅