Portrait of a blind pioneer. My Character Drawing

I think that all those interested in the art of photography are familiar with the work of the classic of Soviet and Lithuanian photography Antanas Sutkus.
However, of the large mass of talented pictures, a photograph of a blind pioneer taken in a boarding school for blind children in 1962 in Kaunas stands out for me.

My Character Drawing

The photo is mesmerizing and seems to tear away from reality. The child's look, as if he was looking through this world, deserves special attention.

Unfortunately, I do not know what kind of disease the boy had and how his future fate developed, but the look involuntarily freezes on the photo and the values ​are rethought.

Blind pioneer, reference

The image seems to scream about how fragile our world is, and childhood can be completely different, the health and love of loved ones are very important and they must be protected, because fate did not initially give such chances.
The secret to Antanas Sutkus's success is that the photographer's focus has always been man in his daily life, no staged photos. His photographs are distinguished by sincerity and tragedy, because the photographer always tried to capture the genuine emotions of people.


What did the blind pioneer feel at that moment? The boy knew exactly about the shooting, the photographer specially came to the boarding school to shoot a report on his pupils.

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