"Anatomical Venus #3".2023

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Anatomical Venus 3.jpg

A journey into the sacredness of femininity.

Here are some close up crops.

Detail 1
Anatomical Venus 3 det1.jpg

Detail 2

Anatomical Venus 3 det2.jpg

Detail 3

Anatomical Venus 3 det3.jpg

Detail 4

Anatomical Venus 3 det4.jpg

Detail 5

Anatomical Venus 3 det5.jpg

Disclaimer: my AI-generated images are the result of numerous attempts with prompts written a long time before in less expected moments perhaps at the bus stop or on the beach or in the supermarket according to creative flair, and the results are carefully selected even months later.


I can't say more than super amazing, the details are .... there are no words, I love love love love love love it!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

Many thanks my esteemed friend. It's always exciting to read your kind and sparkling comments regarding my artistic pursuit mediated by the digital medium.

The pleasure is all mine, this work was striking, more feminine and delicate than any other.